Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alive and kicking..

I'm here..

I'm alive..

I've been sewing and creating..

But my connection to the internet.. well, that's another story! Who knew that getting High Speed Internet in the boondocks was such a challenge? This city girl had no clue!

It's also impacting my "city kids" Our oldest misses the internet and last night I made soup and sandwiches for dinner.. I served him his sandwich on a paper towel. His response "Um.. is this a part of our new primitive lifestyle? Serving a sandwich on a paper towel?"

Made me laugh.. and then I replied "If a plate is what you want.. then dishes is what you will do." He giggled.. then enjoyed sandwich as is.

Soon - the satellite dish will be up on the roof and this challenge will be resolved... and I will have pictures and stories to share.

I promise!
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Melody said...

I think I'd go through withdrawal without my fast internet connection. I'm looking forward to FNSI, see you then.

Barb said...

That is too funny about the paper towel...too funny...makes me miss my sons when they were home.

RobynLouise said...

Lol, I endure satellite internet in Oz and I hate it when a big news story breaks overseas as I'm lucky to be able to read my emails because the satellites are overloaded with news. Then there's electrical storms, both local and distant :(. I'm seriously thinking of morphing into an owl as the best internet times are between 1 and 7am!! Hope your satellite experience is better :).

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Yes, sometime we are surprised about things we take for granted. I don't know how many times since we moved that I say how grateful I am for city sewer and water, cable, paved roads etc. I had never had any of those prior to this home! Hope you dish lands soon!

Lis Harwood said...

Ha ha, living in the rurals here in England I appreciate your problem. It makes me laugh when they talk about broadband speeds - and are referring to London and the other cities, nothing like what we can get here! My daughter regularly walked down the road to make phone calls on her mobile but that's another cable!!

Diane said...

primitive lifestyle huh.... love it!

Micki said...

I have done the primitive lifestyle a few times when we have moved. Your paper towel reference made me laugh.

Val said...

So can you get internet with a satellite dish? Just wondering. We have a sat. dish at our hunting cabin but no internet. I have been meaning to check on it. I have a wireless card that I bring but it is quite expensive. Sandwich on a paper towel sounds great to me!!

John'aLee said...

Love your blog. So glad I found you here in blog land. I'm your newest follower.