Monday, February 17, 2014

Put A Name On It

I saw this idea at a quilt store that I visited while out of town last Fall. And since I don't have any girls in my house, I decided to make them for 2 of my favorite girls. 

I used a charm pack from Kate Spain called Terrain that I had in my stash. 

I had to make the pillows inside as well. I couldn't find a pillow insert that fit the size and shape I wanted. 

But... I used a different batting to stuff them and I'm not super happy with the result. I bought something different and it came in a giant box. It says it's "premium" batting. It's horrible. It's lumpy and the more I tried to fluff it, the lumpier (?) it got. So frustrating. But i had a deadline. I was traveling to see the girls this past weekend so lumpy was my only option.

I may redo the inserts and bring them the next time I see them. 

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Helen said...

They look fantastic , the lumps may work themselves out !

Maddy said...

Great gift idea...lump or not.

Maria said...

Love both those pretty pillows Heidi. Great size to put behind your back..
Are you joining us for FNSI this week.

Laura Lane said...

I really like these pillows!

Gayle said...

Love the cushions, another fantastic idea.

Helen said...

Well done they look great !!