Monday, February 15, 2010

Drunk Love

Back in my 20's, a post title like that one would have a pretty juicy story attached to it.. followed by a "what have I done??".. then you would say "It's not as bad as that one time Heidi". LOL

Thankfully.. those days are over and you don't come here to read stories about my single girl adventures... although that could be fun.

Anyway, I finished another block for my fellow Quilter Bee Buddy, Sharon. The pattern name is "Drunk Love" and it was fun to make. I haven't done very many 'wonky' projects but it was pretty easy. 

Now to get this packaged up and ready for the post office tomorrow! I have a busy day planned. I have an errand to run close to downtown Phx - so while I'm in that area, I plan on hitting The Quilted Apple.

It's not one of my favorite stores - they rarely seem to get any new fabrics. BUT.. back in September, I won a $100 gift certificate during our annual Shop Hop. I posted about it here. So my plan is to stock up on solids if they don't have any other fabrics that catch my eye.

Besides - there is no such thing as a 'bad' quilt store.. just different levels of heavenly. Pin It


Libby said...

Nice wonky block!! Wonky looks so easy but I have a hard time getting a good wonky look!! $100 at any quilt shop is wonderful!!!
Have Fun!

Pieceful Jane said...

I love how your wonky block turned out. It has inspired me to give it a try, too.

Bobbi said...

that block is fabulous!!! they look like fun, maybe ill have to try one out this friday for FNS!

paulette said...

Love your wonky block! Just wondering when is the February Friday Sew Along?? Is it the third Friday of every month...just trying to keep track...???

urban craft said...

very cool. and the green really makes it pop.

Micki said...

Tha's a very cool looking block, and it is so original!

Sandy said...

Hi, I have tried saving the button for the Friday night sew-in but am having difficulty -- I must be doing something wrong, can you expalin how? my email is:

Poppyprint said...

Nice block and heehee about your single girl days...we should talk.
Have fun spending your hundred bucks and come back to show us your haul!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the block and its name...... said...

love your block and your two perfectly placed spots of green!!!