Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

I remember when I was a kid that my Mom used to always give us a little something on Valentines Day. Sometimes it was heart shaped box of chocolates or other candy.. but one year she crocheted a heart pillow for me. That was my favorite.

So I have always tried to give my kids a little something too. Not a new toy.. or Wii game.. but something small and thoughtful. Sometimes just candy and a hug.

I had planned on making them each some heart boxers - but when I was looking for fabric at JoAnns, I couldn't find anything that I liked with hearts on it. So... on to Plan B.

Then I found these cool coupons to give kids on a website called Activities for Kids. (they also have coupons for adults too)
Above is the front and back of your booklet.
And you can't see very well from my picture - but I sewed a stitch along the left side. This is so when all together in a booklet - they can be pulled out easier (perforated).
And if the preprinted coupons don't work - they have some that are blank so you can put in whatever you want.
Then I cut all my coupons and stapled them together into a little booklet.

I made these little goodie bags and filled with some chocolate.. and a coupon book.
When I gave my oldest his little bag this morning.. he saw the coupon for "A big hug and kiss" and he said "Yep.. I'm gonna cash that one in today"

Here's hoping you have a Happy Valentines Day surrounded by people you love!
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Anonymous said...

So important to reinforce the simple pleasures and value of the simple life to our children....even on a special day. I applaud your efforts! And I really like those little bags.....PERFECT.

Jamie said...

How sweet! I love that idea. I like to use coupons in my kids lunch boxes every once in a while. They love finding a surprise! The bags are great!

Carol said...

Cute little bags and what a sweet thing for your son to say. Cherish that before he gets too old to hug and kiss his mom.

Poppyprint said...

Great gifts!!! I love boys who love their mommas.

Valerie said...

Oh I love this idea. Maybe I can use it next year for my grandkids. Happy Valentines Day.

Bobbi said...

very sweet idea!

Lisa M. said...

I give my kids something small and thoughtful too. I love the bags and coupons, great idea to preforate them :-)