Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in Winners.. and my "results"

What an exciting and awesome Friday Night Sew-in that we had this month. We had 151 people all across the WORLD sewing "together". Can I get a WHAAHOOOO!!!

And - Bobbi and I are excited to celebrate our ONE YEAR FNSI Anniversary this month. As you may have noticed the past few months - the giveaways always include a pincushion. So, Bobbi created our signature Scrappy FNSI Pincushion that we are unveiling this month. Way to go Bobbi!!!

We are also including a charm pack of "12 Days of Christmas" by Kate Spain to the lucky winners. It is our Christmas in July theme.. that happened quite by accident. But hey.. it works!

Now for the good stuff - the lucky winner over here - using is Jamie from over at Modified Mix. Congrats Jamie. Send me your address and we can get your package off to you.

And now I must show you my "results" from Friday Night. It was a flop.. and I was so bummed about it.

I sat down.. so eager to sew.. I was going to make a little dress for the new little girl living in our house. I got my strips all laid out.. I opened the package of onsies.. and realized I accidently bought 12 mth size rather than 18mth. Arrgghhh..

So then I started playing with my fabric for the July Quilters Bee block - but didn't get very far. It is a spider web block - I'm excited to make one for the first time.. but it didn't happen.

Basically - it was a bust. The wind was out of my sails.. we've all been there.

And now I'm off for a week - visiting my parents. Enjoying my Mom - she's teaching me to "double knit".. I'll let you know how that goes. We've tried before and I gave up. I was much younger and not as patient back then. I'll let you know.

Don't forget to go on over to to see who won over there.. it could be you!! Pin It


Denise :) said...

Hey, if nothing else, you were tremendous inspiration for 151 others!! I'm sorry I missed this -- it sounds like fun; I'll be watching for the next one and make plans around it! Have a fun week! :)

Jamie said...

Are you kidding? I think I'm going to cry! Must be pregnancy hormones! Thank you so much!!! I will always think of you and Bobbi now for sure when I sew!

Barb said...

That is awesome that you had so many participating....Congrats to the winner.

Bev C said...

Hello Heidi,congratulations on 1 year of FNSI,just think how many extra projects are completed thanks to you guys. Congratulations Jamie.
Happy days.

Joanne said...

One year of FNSI - fantastic!!
Too bad about your results - we all have off days.
Enjoy your time with your Mom.

gold said...

Congrats to the WINNER! I had fun doing the Sew In!:)

Haylee said...

Congrats Jamie! And thanks Heidi for the fun Friday night sew in!

Tiffany said...

Congrats on your 1 year FNSI! Good work. I love the new signature pincushion, very fun.

Lis said...

Love FNSI - and that lovely pin cushion. 151 stitchers all over the world, wow, I'm sew happy that I was one of them. Thanks to you and Bobbi and congrats to the winners.

crafty pug said...


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Congratulations to the winner. As a first timer to the party, I'd like to say thanks for hosting . I had so much fun!

Maria said...

Congratulations Jamie!!!
Wow a year since you started FNSI.
I remember the first one I was in there were only five of us including Bobbi and you and I was lucky enough to win your gorgeous giveaway.Now you have over 300 followers.
How is things going with both your big and little girls?? well I hope.