Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where's Heidi???...

I'm here, I promise!!

My house has been crazy busy. There is still some unpacking going on - believe it or not. And then there is the matter of keeping the kids busy during summer break.. and exploring our new town. Made easier by Kim at Still Meadow Quilting who sent me an email with a TON of useful information - Thank you Kim!! I can't begin to tell you how much I've used your email.

We did some berry picking this morning. My kids loved it - it was their first time. I'm going to make some more jam. The jam I made a few weeks ago turned out wonderful. I had 6 jars and we are down to 3 already. My stepdaughter said she thought it was Smuckers.. I guess that means it was good huh!

This was a raspberry farm (obviously) and we had to 'make an appt' to pick. Farmer Mike was so nice - he even let us pick 2 pints of Blueberries - they were just getting ready to open the Blueberry patch to customers so we got lucky!

And he harvests his own Honey.. YUMMY!!! The first thing I did after getting home was make some toast to put the honey on.. SO GOOD!!!

Are you ready for some sewing? Tomorrow is the Friday Night Sew-in. If you haven't signed up yet.. what are you waiting for?? Click the link over on my sidebar and sign up!!

I'm very excited to sew this time.. more than usual (which means A LOT)! Pin It


Libby said...

Pretty Produce!! I am sure ready for Friday Night Sew In!

Denise said...

Yummy berries, just made a cake with fresh blueberries picked by my MIL.

Pat said...

Don't the cut down beer boxes make great carriers!!

Our church ladies use them (with a liner) to deliver/sell rhubarb (spring) and apple pies (fall). I always think it is such a hoot to see them hauling pies in beer boxes.

The berries and honey look scrumptious.

Annie said...

I have a great raspberry and white chocolate muffin recipe if you are interested. Hope your kids enjoy their summer break, I'm sooo and happy that your stepdaughter is still with you, fingers crossed.

sunny said...

Enjoy your jam! I think I need to get some blueberries this weekend.

Helen in Switzerland said...

hi Heidi,
I can't imagine how you find time to make jam when you're in the middle of unpacking...wonderwoman tendencies I guess! you've inspired me to follow suit!

Lis said...

It's FNSI already here in UK and I'm catching up on quilting blogs between stitching, hello!

Micki said...

Wonderful produce!Enjoy it all!

crafty pug said...

loved FNSI in last night - thanks for organising once again. it was my second time, i feel like im getting to be an old hand - again enjoyed knowing everyone is sewing together
much love