Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of School

Yep.. that First Day of School 2011 has come and gone! My boys started another school year here in Minnesota. Only this year didn't start with quite as much drama as last year. 

Mostly because we moved last Fall and I now have to drive them every day because the Big Yellow Bandit School Bus doesn't come to our house out here in the boon docks.

I can't believe how much they have grown this past year! They were excited to get back to work.. that only lasted about 3 days though.

My oldest is struggling with adjusting to full blown middle school. You know, changing classes all day long. And navagating it all alone. It's times like this that makes parenting hard because you see your kids 'suffering' and you can't do anything about it. Except tell them that it really does get easier.. and that all their friends are going through it too.

And my youngest is once again making his teacher earn every penny in her paycheck. He is a little turkey who loves to make others laugh.. aka Class Clown. Which may sound cute and funny - but it's really not. Even though it's hard not to laugh sometimes when the teacher tells us some of the things he has said. I usually kringe.. while my husband chuckles. And yes, only 8 days into the new year - we already received our first phone call from the teacher.

I'd better start planning her teacher gifts now! She deserves em!

Aaaah.. the joys of parenting.
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rosie said...

As a mum whose kids have left the nest, I am so laughing at the phone call from school! We had a late bloomer, the calls didn't start until he was nearly finished school.. My heart goes out to your eldest.. it's not easy adjusting..

Anonymous said...

lol,good luck boys

Brooke said...

Ha! Cute post. I have one of those too. We homeschool, but my kids attend a few classes out of the house as well. I made a thank you gift for a teacher that worked with my daughter. I included a note explaining that it was partially a "thank you" and partially a peace offering, for I was sending my son next!

Oh well. Never boring, eh?? :-)

Maria said...

Even though my kids have long left home I can still remember the traumas of the school days.
Hope your eldest adjusts to middle school soon and I don't think your young will ever change. My GS2 is also a class clown so can relate to the teachers calls.

Marg H said...

I have a class clown, too. Not easy to deal with. We found our boy used it when he wanted to get out of work - ended up with lots of gaps in his learning that we are trying to address in High School. He seems to have finally learnt that it's not the way - although he still uses those skills if he is in trouble! Sometimes it takes everything I have to not burst out laughing - and I can be quite cross with him over whatever is happening at the time. We're just starting two weeks holidays - before we get into the last term for the year - so quite the opposite to you. I know how busy the term is going to be, so I'm going to enjoy the next two weeks.......

Vintage Cate said...

My son was always "the class clown" too Heidi. They do get better as they get older. He is 34 now and a really lovely man- hang in there!!!!