Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's a swap!

The swap is FULL!! Thanks everyone! 

Do you love a good swap? 

I am facilitating a Low Volume Charm Square Swap!! I did one back in August and it was a huge success.

We only have a total of 48 spots. And they are filling fast. 

To participate: 
1. Leave a comment letting me know how many spots you would like. 
2. Buy 1 yard (for each spot you want) of modern low volume fabric. Cut into 48 charm squares. Mail to me and I will return 48 different squares to you. 
3. International swappers are welcome. I will PayPal invoice you for the return shipping. 
4. Mail cut fabric to me with a self addressed postage paid envelope inside for returning (unless international. Just include envelope with address). 
5. Ship to my by November 1st. And I will return by November 15th if all packages have arrived. 

Are you in?? 

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