Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Giant Leap...

Ok.. this post has nothing to do with landing on the Moon. But I feel like I have taken a big step in a new direction.

I have been sewing the bags for about 1 1/2 years now. They are fun and give a quick sense of accomplishment because some of them go together so fast. And since I have self diagnosed myself with adult ADD.. ooooh.. something shiny..

wait.. where was I again? Oh yeah.. sorry.

Trust me - I'm no where near being bored with making bags. I am always in search of new and more challenging patterns.

But as I have been searching the web for ideas, patterns and inspiration - I can't help but notice all the beautiful quilts people make. Things that will be in their families for years to come. And this makes me want to do a full quilt.. bigger than a baby quilt. I've dabbled in baby size quilts for quite some time now and feel it's time to venture out into something bigger.

And since I am the only female in the house.. well, except for the loyal family dog, Biscuit.. the floral fabric pretty much guarantee's that no one else will claim it as their own.

Isn't she cute.. I'm so attached to her. She was our first 'kid'. (see.. ADD kicking in again)

I want to make quilts for my boys for Christmas - but before I do that I need some practice. So I've decided to start with this simple quilt. All the top takes is a pack of charm squares and a jelly roll. I'm using Soiree by Moda.

I think I have all the tools I need to do this right.

- sewing machine.. check
- fabric stash.. check
- thread.. check
- darning foot.. check
- free motion quilting tutorial.. check
- binding tutorial.. check
- motivation.. double check

If nothing else.. it will be good practice. But I have a feeling I'm gonna love this when it's done.
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