Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saving the World.. one night at a time..

Funny kid story before I show you something I made.

So we have this standing family joke that our dog, Biscuit, puts on a Power Rangers costume at night and "Saves the World" while we sleep. Well, or 5 yr old has started to question whether this is actually true.

Well, last night - he "wrote" the dog a note and put it in front of her as she was sleeping next to the bed. According to him, the note said "Biscuit - wake me up tonight to help you save the World".. Here she is with the note..

And here is what we saw this morning.. he was ALLLL ready.. but she never woke him.

So this morning he says to me "Mom.. she doesn't really save the World - does she?" and I had to confess.. "No.. she doesn't.. " - What's next.. Santa? the Tooth Fairy?

And - now for something I made and I am so proud of it. I TOTALLY love this! It is a gift for some friends of ours that just had their 3rd child.. a little boy.

It's a soft basket...
8 embelished burp bloths..
and put it all together.. looks like this....

How ADORABLE is that!!! I am going to be making some more and selling them - what an awesome gift for a baby shower! Pin It


Krystal said...

Can I please have your son? What a cutie!

Katherine said...

OMG! That IS super cute! Lot's of showers coming up - you better get busy!

shaina said...

Heidi, I just browsed through your blog, and first off, I'll be making those cloth baskets as soon as I can get some quilted lining! Thanks for giving the link. Second, your purses are stunning!! Do you have patterns for them? Are they your own design? Amazing.

Heidi said...

Shaina - most of the bags that I do are from patterns. Some of them are from my own designs - but mostly a little from one pattern and a little from another.

I am always in a quest for new purse patterns. If there is one that you are wondering about - let me know if I don't have the link - I can point you in the right direction.

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

love these!