Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Buyers Remorse...??

So when I was at Target today - I decided to purchase youngest child a pad of paper and some markers because he LOVES to color and draw. He goes through notebooks and paper like crazy.

Despite the wind - we had an awesome evening to sit out on our patio tonight. He was out there with his markers and paper.. coloring away. I was inside doing the dishes from dinner.

When he came in... this is what he looked like...

How can I get mad at that face??!! He has always been the child who colored on walls.. and he even took a sharpie to the floor and a pillow sham one time.. he was 2 1/2 when that happened. I've always had to hide the markers from this one.

But recently when he was in the little kiddie playhouse at the grocery store.. he was using markers and he didn't want to leave because he wanted to keep coloring with the markers.. So when I bought them today - I thought he was ready to have them again.. Maybe I was wrong.

He's in the tub right now.. thank goodness I bought washable markers.

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