Friday, October 16, 2009


Whahooo.. it’s a Friday Night Sew-In tonight!! Anyone want to join?

No matter where you live.. you can sit in your jammies.. in your comfy place and sew. And your fellow Sew-In participants (miles away) will do the same. Sometimes we work on the same project – but with the Holiday’s coming (fast) we are all working on something different.

Some of us share our progress during the “Sew-In” via Blackberry Messenger – or text messaging. But this ‘real time’ sharing is completely optional.

If you would like to participate – leave a comment to let us know you will be joining. We don’t have a hard set start and end time. Since most of us have busy families – we never know when we will work our way to the sewing room. But in the past – we have started between 7 – 8 pm (PST)

And if you want to share ‘real time’ – just send me an email at handmadebyheidi (at) cox (dot) net - we can work out the details.

Otherwise – just join in the fun and blog about it tomorrow!! (But don’t forget to leave a comment so we know you are joining and we can check out your blog and see what you were up to) Pin It


Nichole said...

how fun! if i hadn't already planned a date night with my husband i'd totally be up for this!

i hope you have a fun and productive evening! :)

Heidi said...

Nichole - We try and do them atleast once a month. So maybe you can join us next time. I will make sure to send out more notice for the next one.