Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving it up!

No Guts.. No Glory! Tonight we carved our pumpkins... the kids look forward to it every year.

Here is my oldest - cleaning out the guts.. bluck...

And here is the family clown.. yucking it up. He attempted to clean out his pumpkin - but the smell was making him gag.. sooo.....

Daddy did it for him. I seriously hate sticking my hand in there.. I'm with my youngest on that one.. disgusting. I prefer the design.. and cutting part of the process.
Here is my oldest.. putting the final touches on his.

The pumpkin on the left belongs to my oldest.. it doesn't sit on it's bottom so it looks like the pumpkin is looking up. The one of the right belongs to my youngest.. he likes traditional "scary". He showed me a picture of what he wanted.
Here is a better shot of my oldest son's pumpkin - can you see the 'scar' he put on the left eye?! He's very creative.
I'll share pictures of them in their costumes this weekend. Have a safe Halloween!!
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