Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dinosaurs and Underwear.. yes, in the same post.

I've been wanting to make simple boxers for my boys for awhile - I've had the pattern for quite some time. Well, I finally made them a couple weeks ago.

The hard part was getting both kids in them at the same time and then getting them in the same room for a picture. I've finally given up on that dream.

So here are separate pictures of them. First my oldest..

He says they are the most comfortable jammies ever!! Followed by "Thanks Mom, you're the best". It was all worth it right there.

And I couldn't get my youngest to sit still long enough for a picture.. until he fell asleep.
I also made him a tank top and he wanted "those eye things to make you sleep". So I used some scraps and a strip of the elastic and made him those "eye things".. and they work as you can see. Couldn't get him out of those jammies for the entire weekend by the way.

And here are the girly ones that I was able to make for my niece. It's fun to sew girl stuff!

I need to make some for myself next!

Ok, now that the underwear is out of the way - her is a Dinosaur quilt I made a while back but never finished. I finally quilted it and here it is. So cute.

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Bobbi said...

I WANT SOME!!! is it too early for my 40th bday?

Heidi said...

It's never too late.. gives me what?.. 305 days. I can have you some soft flannel boxers by then!

Dorrie said...

Boxers are cute. . .my youngest son would LOVE the Dino quilt!