Monday, August 3, 2009

It's her first purse!!

If you have been following my blog - you will know that my niece is here from out of State. She's staying with us and playing with the boys until school starts and helping us out with summer activities. She's 16 and the boys adore her. She's is one of only 2 girls in a sea of boy grandchildren. And the only other girl is almost 2 years old.. so she's been the only girl for many years.

Well, tonight she made her very own purse. She's a pretty good sewer.. some potential there! If she only lived closer - I could share my addiction with her. But being 16 - I'm sure I'm not her first choice to hang out with. LOL.. Even though I am pretty fun!
She's going to make another purse for her BFF before she leaves to go home in a few weeks. Along with a baby blanket for her new little nephew.
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shaina said...

Can I be your neice? That purse is adorable. Good for her!

shaina said...

I'm a loser and can't spell today. Niece!!