Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Things you should know about sewing!

10. You can never have enough fabric.

9. Sometimes you find fabric that is so pretty - you can't bring yourself to cut it.

8. If you buy patterns and never make them - you are totally normal

7. There are a lot of very very creative people out there!

6. A Mom can sit in the same room with her children for hours as they play. But once she sits in front of the sewing machine - they will come looking for her every 5 minutes. (not to mention walk past their Dad and thru 4 different rooms to find her)

5. Women (and a few men) that work at various quilt stores (in multiple states) that I have visited are always happy and friendly.

4. A good sewing machine makes all the difference in the world.

3. Sewing machine feet are expensive - but a variety is truly necessary.

2. Having a sewing buddy to share ideas with is priceless (mine is Bobbi)

1. Women who sew don't do it for the money - they do it because they LOVE IT!!! Pin It


grandmarockton said...

you said it all!

Bobbi said...

that list should be published...of course with my name in it. LOL.