Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Friday Night Sew-In

Dang.. I'm officially 'old' now. My Friday nights no longer consist of tequila and dancing on a table or two. *sigh* Well, maybe once or twice a year.

Anyway... so me and my sewing buddy have started something new. It's called the Friday Night Sew-In. We are planning to do it once a month (as life allows of course).

This is how it goes - we preselected a project that we would both make. We set a time last Friday night to 'meet' (I use quotes because we live in different cities) and we both made the same bag! Check out mine.. cute huh! The colors look better in person, trust me.

But - once again, I think the fabs that Bobbi used were much cuter. To see hers - go here, it's the black leopard bag.

We communicated via Blackberry (we have issues trust me, we know).. with pictures as we progressed.. and even helped each other when we got stuck on the instructions.

Anyway.. the bag was fun, the pattern was quick and very well done. And my sewing buddy has already made another one from the pattern with a few modifications. Super cute too!! Also on her blog - it's the pink Amy Butler fabs. (She also has a link to the pattern on her blog if you are interested)

We are going to do it again in July - not sure of the project yet.. but we have a few possible ideas. If you want to join in.. just let us know.

And second.. I was on a roll with the corduroy I used last week and had to make another bag. I had this one floating around in my mind for a few weeks.. had to put it on paper. The original idea included grommets.. but in the end I decided against em. I love it though. What do you think? As you can see, I also used the scraps I had left over from my sewing machine cover. So cute. Pin It


Bobbi said...

I LOVE that cord bag!!! nice use of those fabs too. you get to choose the next sew in pattern. so get huntin'. see you in a few days.