Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under Cover

Who would think that you could spend a fair amount of $$ on a sewing machine and it doesn't come with a cover.. no cover of any kind. Weird huh? If I hadn't taken it out of the box myself, I would think it was a mistake.

Anyway - after owning my machine for a year - almost to the day actually, I decided it was time to make a cover for it myself. I fell in love with this fabric thanks to my cousin, Bobbi. She had some and I had to get my hands on it too. I looked at many quilt stores without luck.. so I found it on ebay.

I wasn't sure what I would make with it - and then I said "Hey.. why not use it for your machine cover?!" (and yes, I do talk to myself frequently). So here it is... cute huh!!!

This is the first item to receive one of my new labels - also adorable (thank you Monica). I still need to stitch the top slit shut where the handle is. I wasn't quite sure how I would finish the slit - but after a day of thinking about it.. I think I have it solved.

What do you think? Do you like it?
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Krystal said...

That is totally cute! I have a sewing machine too! But sadly it has never come out of the box=( and I have had it 5 years, thats even sadder. I love the fabric!

Jackie said...

It's very cute! Weird that a sewing machine doesn't come with at least a plastic cover but now you have exactly what you want!

Bobbi said...

LOVE IT! the fabric that i cant seem to cut into. what a good idea. cant wait to get the "heidi pattern".