Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Lesson in Equality

As most people who sew know - all fabrics are not created equal. When I first started sewing, I couldn't see why people would pay quilt store prices for fabric that they could get at JoAnns for 1/2 the price. Then I made something with quilt store fabric and realized.. Wow.. it's so much better. And double Wow! when it comes to the difference in quilt store flannel vs cheap flannel.

Anyway, my point is that last night I learned that all corduroy is not the same either. I was working on a tote as a b'day gift for a friend of mine and I went to iron the fusible fleece to the outside piece and this is what happened...

After an over the shoulder look for kids.. and a few choice words.. (not necessarily in that order) I learned that when I buy corduroy - I need to check the bolt and look for 100% Cotton!! But I was able to improvise.. and I made it work. Had to recut some fabric.. but in the end this is what it became.

Cute huh!? I hope she likes it.
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Krystal said...

Totally cute! And washable!