Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swap Fun

I have been participating in the Once a Season Swap for 2 seasons now. It's fun and for some reason.. both times.. I forget that I'm expecting a package too.

So yesterday, I stopped at the post office to pick up our mail since I hadn't been there in a week. And what did I find... A box for ME!!

All of these lovely little packages were wrapped..
My youngest asked if he could help unwrap.. I said "Sure". And soon he says "Ah man.. fabric.. ugh" and I said "YAY!!!"

This great book that has a ton of ideas for the holidays!

This sweet embroidered snowman picture...

A great little zipper pouch for sewing notions...

And this little tissue pouch and buttons. (Excuse the angle - I can't get the picture to stay turned for some reason)

Thank you Donna from! You are very generous and I love all of it!! Pin It


Ann Marie said...

i love little mystery packages

Alia Dalwai said...

Im your NEW Follower!
I really liked your blog.
Keep up the good work!

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Maria said...

You were indeed very lucky. I am in the swap too and it is fun to participate. Both to make and send,
then receive.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Maria,so much fun,i am so enjoying the once a season swap by Cheryll,i am like you Maria i forget that i have a parcel coming,lol.
Lovely swap from Donna Heidi,enjoy,cant wait to see what you make with the fabric.

Cheryll said...

Your gifts look wonderful. Donna is a very nice person who loves lavender like me... so we hit it off immediately... but she spoilt you for sure... how fantastic! Thanks for playing along again! :)

Cheryl said...

Great mail....wonderful gifts!

Michele said...

What a fun swap with some lovely treats!

Becky said...

ROFLMAO! snort snort, your youngest sounds like my 2 boys :-P. Thanks for the laugh! They just don't understand do they?!? Let's just hope they find something they're just as passionate about some day!!