Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bags.. bugs.. and tiny houses

I've been trying hard not to post anything until my giveaway is over this Saturday. I wanted to keep the giveaway at the top so people would see it.

Well, I can't wait anymore.. I have too many things to talk about. It's been an eventful week at my house.

First - I got an awesome surprise in the mail from my sewing buddy. She made me this bag..

she also sent me this pin cushion...
Isn't it cute? I love it.

And she included a small moleskin journal to keep in my purse. Now I can stop carrying my big one with me. I get good ideas in the strangest places.. like sitting at the school waiting for one of the kids.. or at the dr's office.. or even in the middle of the grocery store. (Can you tell by the places I frequent that I have a very exciting life?!)

Next - One of the benefits of living in the desert is that we can have picnics in the park all winter long. We live just a block from a park and we walk there a lot when it's not 110 degrees outside.

So, I have planned to make a quilt for the park. Since we like to lay on the ground.. sometimes we bring our lunch or a good magazine. I found the pattern in the book Material Obsession. If you don't already have this book.. you should consider getting it. It's fantastic!

The pattern I selected takes 12 fat quarters and some other fabric. I want all my fat quarters to be various bug fabrics (get it.. for the park). I have 6 so far.. I will be searching for the other 6 on the shop hop that starts tomorrow. I will be visiting 10 valley quilt stores in 9 days.

And lastly - I received my fabrics in the mail today for Anna.

Anna is one of the members of the online quilter bees. Her instructions say she would like us to make a tiny house square(s). I'm excited... I've never done a block like this and look forward to learning something new. To see what they look like - you can either wait for me to make them and post em.. or you can look here and here.

I will be posting the winners of the Giveaway on Saturday afternoon.. so come back this weekend and see who the lucky ducks are!! Pin It


Krystal said...

Your sewing is sooo awesome! Do you put any of it up on ebay? Its so making me want to learn how! I have a sewing mech, got it 5 years ago for chrismas from my inlaws and have never taken it out of the box. How sad is that?

You are awesome!


ada said...

big like for your bags.greeting from Romania.