Monday, September 7, 2009

A peek at my sewing space

This post is a window into my sewing space.. the room that I would spend an entire day in if my family would let me.

A. That is my passport to the upcoming Maricopa Country Shop Hop!! Can't wait!!!! Anyone wanna carpool?

B. That is my bolt of Pellon Fusible Fleece - I go through it fast when I'm making bags.. so I buy it by the bolt. Love that stuff!!

This is my stash of fat quarters and precut fabrics... Looking at it reminds me of all the projects I want to complete.

The drawers are full of yardage cuts.. packaged kits.. and the bottom drawer is batting.. and misc supplies.
A. This is a framed old quilt that I bought off ebay one day.. impulse buy.

B. Here is the pretty little blanket that I won from a blog giveaway.

C. This is the Rocking Chair that I rocked both my babies to sleep every night. I miss those days sometimes.... *sigh*
A. Here is my 'design wall'.. If you sew and you don't have one.. I highly recommend it. This is just a piece of wool that I hung up. It works great to move quilting squares around and step back to see how they look. On there right now is a quilt I need to finish!!

B. These are my library books on quilting.. need to read them.

A. This is my first 'real' quilt. I pieced the top - then I took it to a longarm quilter and had her do the binding too. Big time cheating I know.. I had wanted to give it as a special gift to someone.. but when I got it back - I decided I couldn't part with it.

B. SmartWater... doesn't seem to make me smarter. But it can't hurt to try.

C. My lamp in desperate need of a lampshade.

This is my "bobbi basket".. this is where I keep things that I want to show/share with my sewing buddy next time I see her (which is never often enough).
That's it for now - come back soon though. I am very close to my 50th post and I'm planning something BIG!!!
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shaina said...

Thanks for the tour! I love all the stack of material. Looks tempting. I have some fusible fleece that I plan to use to make a purse as well. Right now, though, it's just the right height folded up, so that it boosts me the extra few inches I need to be at the proper height at my sewing desk. Maybe I'll have to trade it for a phone book, so I can get the purse done.

Bobbi said...

I love that i have a basket for goodies. it makes me feel special. i love the room! it looks GREAT. im dreaming for the day i get mine, but for now my corner in the great room will have to do. keep my table open, maybe ill have to make a trip before the end of the year! ya just never know!