Friday, September 25, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap!!!

I made my Friendship Bag for the Swap! I don't know why.. but I wanted to use Christmas fabrics.
My new Friend is Barbara and this is her blog.
It has felt strange this past month reading her blog and getting to know her without her knowing it. Kinda like spying. I knew I liked her from first glance at her blog.. she seems very down to earth and sweet. She's definitely someone I could spend a Saturday afternoon with.

I included a charm pack of Moda Glace - the same fabs I used for the bag. And I also included a coffee cup from Phoenix. I didn't get a picture the mug.. not sure why. But it was pretty..
I got a little worried last night when I went to her blog and saw she received a package from Belgium. I thought there may have a been a "swap mixup"... but after reading her post, it was from a friend. Whew... that was a relief.

She should be getting it today... maybe tomorrow... I hope she likes it. (it's going to be an exciting couple days for her!)
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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi
You don't know me, yet! But your friendship bag is going in the mail TODAY so be on the look out for it! I do hope you like it, I sure enjoyed making it and it is my favorite bag. I have made what seems like a zillion. My husband battled cancer last year (and beat it) and we spent alot of time in Denver Colorado where he went through a stem cell transplant of his own stem cells (so amazing what they can do and it was so successful) while there in the hotel I had my smaller machine with me and I made this bag for all the nurses. They all loved them! And there were alot of nurses! Please let me know when the bag arrives, my email is, I live in Peyton, Colorado, which is just a few miles east of Colorado Springs! hugs to you and your family Sandy

Mrs Quilty said...

Hi Heidi, this is my first visit to your "Handmade by Heidi" blog and there it was, a blog about the bag you made me with even a picture!!! I'm so excited and you are so sweet, and there tears in my eyes right now!! Being a spy was A-OK in this instance, huh!!! I'll be visiting often now that we are "open" friends!! Thanks again so much!!