Thursday, September 3, 2009

Excuses.. excuses..

I haven't posted in a week and seriously - I have a good excuse. One of the benefits of living in a city that is a hot vacation destination is that you can stay at a 5 star resort without driving or flying for hours.

So that is exactly what we had planned to do and celebrate our oldest son turning the BIG 1 0. But his little brother stole his thunder. After having a fantastic Friday night at the pool dancing and swimming, we got up on Saturday and our 5 yr old was having a really bad asthma attack. He ended up riding in an ambulance and spending the next 4 days in the Hospital.

Trust me - following an ambulance with one of your kids inside is one of the WORST experiences a Mother can have.

Anyway - he is now home and doing much better. Can't go back to school until next week - so that gives him and I days home alone to relax. Which means that I've had some time to sew.

Here is a quilt top that I finished tonight - it's a halloween quilt that I found in a quilting magazine recently. I fell in love the minute I saw it and had to have the fabrics so I could make this.
Isn't it adorable?! I need to also add some tabs to the top so I can hang it in my foyer once we bring out all the Halloween decorations in October.

So this weekend - I'm going to be quilting this and the Christmas Table Topper that I posted previously.

I will also have a house full of boys Friday night for a bowling/pizza slumber party. So say a little prayer for me and my husband.. I'm sure those boys will be up late.. playing Wii and giggling. Trust me - gigglings not just for girls.
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shaina said...

It is so hard to watch your child go through something like that. I hope he doesn't have any more attacks!! Best of luck with your sewing week!