Sunday, May 8, 2011

HAPPY Mother's Day!

moth·er [muhth-er] –noun
1. a female parent.
2. ( often initial capital letter ) one's female parent.
3. a mother-in-law, stepmother, or adoptive mother.

We all know that the word "Mother" means so much more than that! 

I'm lucky enough to still get handmade Mother's Day gifts that my kids bring home from school. I seriously don't want these years to end. And I must say - my boys' teachers really knocked it out of the park this year!

This is what I got from my oldest... they planted the flowers in class. Pansy's were my wedding flower. They are edible so we had them all over our cake too! So pretty. 

My youngest gave me this super clever bird feeder! How cute is this, wooden spoons and a 2 liter bottle. Love it! 

and also this windchime. 

I hope you are enjoying your day as much as I am... rain and all!  
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Impera_Magna said...

I love kids' art work and projects.... looks like you hit the jackpot there, Miz Heidi!

Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

Heidi what clever kiddies yu have,awesome presents,happy mothers day

Maria said...

Your gifts are just gorgeous Heidi.
It is just great when the kids make you things.
Happy Mothers Day.

SheilaC said...

Wonderful projects to treasure forever! (I still have many from my own kids!)

Happy Mothers Day!


sunny said...

Awesome gifts! Happy Mother's Day.

Larissa said...

Oh wow - those creations/gifts are just gorgeous!! You have some very clever children - and teachers, lol!
I hope you had a great Happy Mother's Day!