Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Presenting the Yoga Bag

Well, my friend Katherine asked me to make her a yoga bag.. her only request - "I need a zipper"..
Since I don't have much experience with zippers - I reluctantly agreed. Hey.. I'm up for a challenge right?
So, she gave me some measurements and I worked my magic. A few miscalculations and an extra trip to the quilt store for fabric behind me.. Whalaaa.. The Yoga Bag.
This one isn't for Katherine.. note there isn't a zipper. But I needed to get one under my belt before I tackle that for her. Now that I know I have the measurements right - I'm ready to make one with a zipper top.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My first post.. the beginning

Well, I've been thinking that my first post should be something fabulous... something meaningful.. and after many days of trying to come up with something fabulous and meaning - I decided to scrap that idea.
So instead I will just say that this sewing journey began many years ago. I learned the basics from my Mother - like most girls do. Then in my early 20's I became friends with a girl at work named Maria. Maria's Mom taught Home Economics at the High School.

Maria taught me a few more skills - like what all those things on patterns meant and how simple it is to make skirts for work with one cut of fabric and some elastic. I can't even begin to tell you how much $$ she saved me.

Fast forward about 8 years... I started sewing blankets for my son. My sewing was limited to baby blankets and small projects until MLK day 2008 - that fateful weekend I discovered my first quilted handbag.. and I've been on a quest for bags ever since.

I have made many bags for friends and family - I've also started quilting... which has been challenging but exciting. With much encouragement from the very same family and friends that now carry my bags - I have decided to branch out.

I made my own labels this past weekend.. see below. And I will have a booth at the upcoming Side Walk sale at Next Coffee Company on 59th Ave and Utopia this Saturday the 28th. The sale is from 10-5pm - with a live band at 5pm. Whahooo!!! I will be posting pictures of some bags in the coming days.. stay tuned.

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