Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Booty

I think I have finally got enough stuff finished for the new baby, Olivia. I still have a ton of flannel - all washed and ready to become blankets etc. But she was born Easter weekend and I need to get this in the mail finally. I can always send another box later right?!

Anyway, here is what I finished tonight... burp cloths made from cloth diapers.

These are so cute and I got the tutorial here.

I will be putting them in this diaper bag along with this receiving blanket and this quilt.

I hope she likes it!! Pin It

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Friday Night Sew-In

Dang.. I'm officially 'old' now. My Friday nights no longer consist of tequila and dancing on a table or two. *sigh* Well, maybe once or twice a year.

Anyway... so me and my sewing buddy have started something new. It's called the Friday Night Sew-In. We are planning to do it once a month (as life allows of course).

This is how it goes - we preselected a project that we would both make. We set a time last Friday night to 'meet' (I use quotes because we live in different cities) and we both made the same bag! Check out mine.. cute huh! The colors look better in person, trust me.

But - once again, I think the fabs that Bobbi used were much cuter. To see hers - go here, it's the black leopard bag.

We communicated via Blackberry (we have issues trust me, we know).. with pictures as we progressed.. and even helped each other when we got stuck on the instructions.

Anyway.. the bag was fun, the pattern was quick and very well done. And my sewing buddy has already made another one from the pattern with a few modifications. Super cute too!! Also on her blog - it's the pink Amy Butler fabs. (She also has a link to the pattern on her blog if you are interested)

We are going to do it again in July - not sure of the project yet.. but we have a few possible ideas. If you want to join in.. just let us know.

And second.. I was on a roll with the corduroy I used last week and had to make another bag. I had this one floating around in my mind for a few weeks.. had to put it on paper. The original idea included grommets.. but in the end I decided against em. I love it though. What do you think? As you can see, I also used the scraps I had left over from my sewing machine cover. So cute. Pin It

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Lesson in Equality

As most people who sew know - all fabrics are not created equal. When I first started sewing, I couldn't see why people would pay quilt store prices for fabric that they could get at JoAnns for 1/2 the price. Then I made something with quilt store fabric and realized.. Wow.. it's so much better. And double Wow! when it comes to the difference in quilt store flannel vs cheap flannel.

Anyway, my point is that last night I learned that all corduroy is not the same either. I was working on a tote as a b'day gift for a friend of mine and I went to iron the fusible fleece to the outside piece and this is what happened...

After an over the shoulder look for kids.. and a few choice words.. (not necessarily in that order) I learned that when I buy corduroy - I need to check the bolt and look for 100% Cotton!! But I was able to improvise.. and I made it work. Had to recut some fabric.. but in the end this is what it became.

Cute huh!? I hope she likes it.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby.. oh Baby

Well, some of the cutest baby fabrics that I've seen in this last year have been Bella Baby by Marcus Brothers. I have made a few diaper bags for people using them and they are so darn cute.
These fabs aren't easily found anymore in the quilt stores in my area - I had some scraps from the previous bags and decided to make a different diaper bag for my step daughter who recently had a baby. I think it turned out pretty cute.
I used a pattern from Quilts Illustrated. The patterns by Penny Sturgis were some of my first bag patterns and they are all very well done.

When I get all the items finished that I'm making for little baby Olivia - I will take pictures of the package before I mail it so you can all see it. I have alot of little things planned.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under Cover

Who would think that you could spend a fair amount of $$ on a sewing machine and it doesn't come with a cover.. no cover of any kind. Weird huh? If I hadn't taken it out of the box myself, I would think it was a mistake.

Anyway - after owning my machine for a year - almost to the day actually, I decided it was time to make a cover for it myself. I fell in love with this fabric thanks to my cousin, Bobbi. She had some and I had to get my hands on it too. I looked at many quilt stores without luck.. so I found it on ebay.

I wasn't sure what I would make with it - and then I said "Hey.. why not use it for your machine cover?!" (and yes, I do talk to myself frequently). So here it is... cute huh!!!

This is the first item to receive one of my new labels - also adorable (thank you Monica). I still need to stitch the top slit shut where the handle is. I wasn't quite sure how I would finish the slit - but after a day of thinking about it.. I think I have it solved.

What do you think? Do you like it?
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The TeePee

I've been working on some home improvements so I haven't sewn as much as I usually do. Plus, the nice summer weather has made it hard to stay inside on my butt in front of the sewing machine.

However, I did manage to make this for my 5 year old. It was easy to make and he's in heaven. He actually slept in it last night in his bedroom - not the backyard.

This is a pattern that I bought months ago and finally took the time to get all the supplies. The poles are PVC pipe (the guys at home depot loved me when I walked in with my list of measurements. I could see it in their eyes.. "Oh great, here comes another women with big ideas").

UPDATE: The pattern is by SewBaby and can be found here or at JoAnns. I purchased it at my local JoAnns. Sorry for not including that in the original post.

And lastly - here is a pretty picture from my backyard. We planted a hibiscus patio tree a couple weekends ago. It's looking so pretty. We un-officially planted them in memory of my Father in Law. (I say unoffically because I don't have a very green thumb and if I make it official - I'll feel horrible if the desert heat gets to it before me and the watering can do)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Things you should know about sewing!

10. You can never have enough fabric.

9. Sometimes you find fabric that is so pretty - you can't bring yourself to cut it.

8. If you buy patterns and never make them - you are totally normal

7. There are a lot of very very creative people out there!

6. A Mom can sit in the same room with her children for hours as they play. But once she sits in front of the sewing machine - they will come looking for her every 5 minutes. (not to mention walk past their Dad and thru 4 different rooms to find her)

5. Women (and a few men) that work at various quilt stores (in multiple states) that I have visited are always happy and friendly.

4. A good sewing machine makes all the difference in the world.

3. Sewing machine feet are expensive - but a variety is truly necessary.

2. Having a sewing buddy to share ideas with is priceless (mine is Bobbi)

1. Women who sew don't do it for the money - they do it because they LOVE IT!!! Pin It

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Baby Bag...

Once again.. what was this...

Became this...

I have made a few of these diaper bags and they are so very cute! This one is for my friend Monica. She is giving it to a friend of hers who is having a little boy.

Here is the name....
and the inside...
So adorable! I hope she likes it!!

p.s. I never got to the tutorial for the grocery bag this weekend... the weather has been gorgeous (for june in the desert) and I was out enjoying it. I will get to it soon.. I promise.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Quilt Complete

Well, what was once this....

Became this....

I finished the quilt. It was a lot easier then I thought it would be. I'm still struggling though with how to keep the backing together with the front. And not getting any shifting in the fabrics when you quilt them. Arrrggghhhh!!! Maybe I'm going to need a class - but why can't I just figure this out on my own?!! Or maybe I need a different foot on my machine? Would a walking foot solve this problem? Hmmm.. need to do a little research on that.

Also, I'm planning to post my first turtorial this weekend. There I said it.. now I have to do it. It is for a reusable grocery bag. Super simple! Can't wait to share this with you.

But before I can start that - I need to make a super cute Diaper Bag for my friend Monica! I'm off to start cutting those fabs.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer fun!

It seems like I haven't sewn much lately - well, not as much as I would like anyway. It's officially summer here in the desert and this is where I've been spending my time... in our pool with the kids.

We were in the pool 5 times yesterday.. the kids just can't get enough.

Mike mid-cannonball
Joe mid-cannonball

But I really need to buckle down. I have a lot of projects that I need to finish in the coming weeks. Most of the projects in queue are sewing related - except one of them. It's a book that I'm putting together for my parents 45th wedding anniversary!! I will be using Creative Memories Storybook Creator for that one.

Anyway, this is a picture of the quilt that I'm almost finished with. I had a picture of the jelly roll and chenille in my last post. I went to one of my favorite quilt stores at lunch today to get the backing and some batting for the inside. I plan to finish in the next couple days. I will post a full picture when it's complete.

After this is done, I will be making a super cute diaper bag for a friend of mine. She's giving it to someone she knows for a baby gift. I can't wait to share pictures of that. I will have those posted sometime this next Sunday.

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