Sunday, November 20, 2011

FNSI Winner!!

I don't have pictures of my results to show you today. I wish I did.. but I had "Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder".. it's real - I swear.

I worked on 3 different projects - all are very close to completion. In fact, I might have one of them done tonight after I put away a mountain of laundry. I will be sharing pictures as I get them done.

Anyway - I did draw a winner using and the winner is....

#62 Dianne from "A Month of Sundays"

Dianne - send me your mailing address and I will send you this little charm pack..

AND - a lot of you already know this.. but for those who don't... Every December we host 2... yes 2 Friday Night Sew-In's. We all have so much that we need to get done.

So stay tuned - the signups will be posted soon. The dates will be....

December 9th and 16th. 
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tips for a Successful FNSI

With the Friday Night Sew-In just around the corner – I wanted to put together some tips for a successful and productive evening.

I’m one of those people who work best when I have a deadline. Crunch time is when I really shine! I wish this wasn’t true – I wish I was more disciplined to gradually work on projects before I feel the heat. But that’s just not who I am. *sigh*

I made a list last night – it’s a list of things that I must sew before Christmas.. and a list of things that I’d like to sew before Christmas. I make this list every year – and this year I really really want to make it all!! But to do that – I need to get sewing!

So, here are some things that I have found to make my FNSI’s more productive.

1. Plan ahead – have a plan in place. If you don’t already know what you are working on.. well.. get it together man! (that’s me grabbing your shoulders and shaking you!

2. Cut fabrics ahead of time. I’ve noticed when I have my project all cut and laid out – it’s so much easier to jump in and get busy!

3. Use plastic bins or boxes to separate your projects.

I use this technique and it’s very helpful. I keep projects that I’m working on in these little bins. I pull one out, set it on the cutting table and get to work. When I’m bored with it.. I put it all back in the bin, snap the lid back on. And then grab another. Progress is what it’s all about. That way everything related to that project is in that bin (e.g. the pattern, fabric, scraps.. etc)

4. If you have people to feed – order a pizza. OR.. make a quick meal like grilled cheese sandwiches. Everyone loves a grilled cheese! Use paper plates for easy clean up.. give em all a kiss.. then head to your sewing machine and get busy.

5. Bribes.. yes, I said bribes. Come on Mom’s.. we all do it. If you have little people in your house – sometimes you have to do it just so everyone is happy.

When the Holidays are just weeks away and you have things to get done.. bribe em with whatever it takes to give you quiet time. Maybe that’s renting a special movie and making popcorn. Or letting them stay up late and camp out on the living room floor (while mommy sews).

6. Do you work? Yeah.. I know some of you do and so do Bobbi and I. We have all been there.. you come home from work.. your mind is exhausted and you really want to sew.. but you just.can’!

Yeah.. yeah.. I get it. So tomorrow night.. as you are sitting there.. close your eyes.. now picture yourself 2 days before Christmas. Are you saying to yourself “Dangit.. why didn’t I do this a month ago?” Yes?? I KNOW… NOW GET UP.. GO SEW!!!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November FNSI Signup is finally HERE!!

You're FIRED!!! Yep.. that's what Bobbi and I should have heard today!

Early this morning, my cohost contacted me and the conversation went something like this..

Bobbi: "Um.. isn't the Friday Night Sew-In in three days?"
Me: "Wait.. what?... YES! What have we done!!"

This Month has went flying by and the FNSI totally snuck up on us! We thought about cancelling - but honestly.. we ALL have too much to do with the Holiday's right around the corner. We just can't cancel!

So here it is.. the signup is here! Get your name on the list and commit to working on those gifts on your To Do list.. or any any other projects that need your attention.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Tour Winners!

Before I announce the winners - I need to appologize to some of you. I received a few emails from some of you letting me know that you were getting an error message back from blogger about my email. I used to have a blackberry and recently switched to an iPhone.. I forgot to update blogger since my blackberry email is no longer valid. Thank you for letting me know!

Today I received this little package in the mail from the team over at Quiltmaker!!

LOVE IT!!! My 7yr old asked if he can bring the mug to "show and tell" at school. I just might let him... but what if it breaks? What if it get's lost? Oh.. boy.. maybe not! That's my trophy.

Ok.. now for the winners!

The winner of the 100 Blocks Volume 4 AND this charm pack is....

And the winner of the magazine is..
#76 aztel2000 - Karen from Breezy Point


Now for an exciting surprise.. I've selected 4 more lucky winners who will each receive a magazine!!

#2 SoozeM

#21 Oddbjorg

#60 Needled Mom

#39 Bev C

Send me your address and I will get all these packages out in the mail!! (all winners were selected using
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

100 Blocks Volume 4 Blog Tour


I'm so glad you are here!

I was pretty excited when I first found out my block was going to be in 100 Blocks Vol 4. It still doesn't feel like it's 'real'... I keep pinching myself.

Here it is... County Crossroads

I used fabrics from one of my favorite Moda lines "Neptune" by Tula Pink.

The design process started with a pad of graph paper and colored pencils.. and after many ideas.. this is the design I settled on.

I must admit that I was so impressed with all the blocks in this issue! I honestly feel like I am still in "Quilting Kindergarten" compared to some of the amazing blocks in this issue!

Here is an example of what 9 of my County Crossroads blocks would look like together.. it gets an entire different feel doesn't it?

The magazine will be available for sale within a week. But for now.. if you want to get your hot little hands on a copy, just leave a comment.

I will be selecting 2 winners.. one for a magazine...

and a second winner will get a magazine AND this lovely charm pack of 6 inch squares.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Happy "touring".
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Tour and Giveaway

This is the week of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 4 Blog Tour!!

I will be participating on Thursday - but for now, and every day this week, head over to the Quiltmaker Blog to participate. There are a lot of great prizes waiting to be scooped up each day all week long!
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