Friday, January 27, 2012

Tutorial coming....

See this...

This is a "Corn Bag". The only difference is that I have added straps so you can tie it around your waist... or over your shoulder...

I've posted a tutorial previously on how to make the plain corn bags.. but tonight I'm working on a new tutorial for these little puppies with the "apron ties".

Stay Tuned! I'll have it posted in the next few days.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you for sharing your Valentine Memories with me. I loved reading them!

You know what really struck me about all your memories? All of them were about something that was special and meaningful. Like baking cookies, or a homemade gift.. or a special moment. Not one of them had anything to do with the commercialization of Valentines Day... Like "My mom used to buy me trinkets from the $1 bins at Target!" LOL.. you get the picture?

Anyway.. let's get to the winner, shall we. The winner is... Joyful Quilter who said:

"An ex-boyfriend used to write me a Valentine poem every year he had a cold while writing, he is the only person I know could work snot into a poem and still be romantic (almost)."  LOL!!

Email me your address and I will get these goodies to you so you can make it in time for Valentines Day!

Now I'm off to plan some real memories with my kids! Maybe a cupcake party!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Sad.. Sad.. Depressing Day!

See this picture.... It's an awesome Quilt Store that I stop at frequently when I make the 4 hour drive to see my family. It is located in Detroit Lakes MN.

Well, when I drove by this past weekend.. this is what I saw....

I cried.. I bawled... I stomped around in the snow...  and threw myself on the porch.. Then after scaring my kids with my unexplained grief.. I pulled myself together and grabbed the camera. I just couldn't believe it. It's an awesome store!!!

So today I called - they said they will close the doors in February. I'm headed to see my family again this coming weekend and will be stopping in to say goodbye and scoop up some deals!

It makes me so sad because it is such an awesome store. I've been to a few quilt stores in my day that wouldn't make me sad if they closed.. you know what I'm saying?!

But this one.. well.. I just can't take it! WWWHHHHHYYYYYY????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Valentine's Giveaway

Because it's cold outside..
Because I can't spend more than 5 minutes away from the Fireplace...
Because Valentine's Day is right around the corner...
and because I'm madly in love with WOOL...

It's giveaway time!!

One lucky person will win a little stand just like the one holding my snowman wooly along with a pattern/kit to make a sweet Valentines Wooly!

Here is a better picture of the pattern. All the material is included!

All you need to do is leave a comment.. tell me one of your favorite Valentine's Memories if you have one!

Mine is about my Mom.. when we were kids, she always did something special for each of us kids on Valentines. Sometimes it was a little box of chocolates but one year she crocheted me a RED Heart Pillow with a white lacy ruffle. I have no clue what ever happened to that pillow.. but every year at Valentines.. I think about it and wish I had taken care of it and still had it today!! But you just don't appreciate those things when you are a kid. *sigh*

Anyway.. leave a comment.. tell me your favorite memory.. or you could just tell me who your Valentine is!

Winner announced Wednesday 1/25 at 8pm (or so).

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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Yellow Rain Slicker

I have a brother in law that is fun and funny! That's a dangerous combination.

For a few years now, we have been passing this yellow rain slicker back and forth. Secretly hiding it in each others houses or luggage. Always trying to come up with ways to get it back into the other persons possession.

This last time, the dirty dog employed his wife. She has twin boys that are a few years older than my oldest. She sent some hand-me-down clothes a few months back. Well, when I finally sat down to sort through them and look what was inside the bag....

The yellow slicker!!! DRAT!!!!

Patience is key.. I've been holding onto it for about 6 mths.. waiting for the perfect moment to return it.

Well, tonight while I enjoy my brother's birthday bash, my children are spending the night at their house.

I thought about using one of my kids as my Trojan horse - but I just can't trust them to not get caught. So I will have to do it myself when I pick them up Saturday morning.

I'm hoping they have some snow finally - because it would be perfect to stash it in a snow bank. Imagine his face when Spring comes and the snow begins to melt.. and.. wait.. what?.. whats that yellow thing under the snow?.. Dang that HEIDI!!!!!

Muuahahahahahaa... muahahahahaaa...
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sign up for the Friday Night Sew In!

The FNSI is just days away- January 20th.

My cousin/cohost, Crafty Vegas Mom, is doing all the work this month. I won't be joining because we will be whooping it up celebrating my lil' brother's 40th Birthday!! He's flying home from Afghanistan in Wednesday and turns 40 on Friday.

BUT... I will have some things to share this week. I'm sewing up a storm.

So get on over to and sign up to sew!

And since it's not a post without a picture.. I'll share this picture taken yesterday. It's from Spirit Mountain near our home. My oldest son and his buddy.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wool's where it's at

It's cold outside.. the wind is blowing.. snow is falling...

These are the best days to curl up by the fire and play with some wool.

I found this adorable little stand at my LQS and made this cute little wooly to hang. I like being able to do something creative without sitting alone in my sewing room.

Do you work with wool?

P.S. Stay tuned.. the January 20th Friday Night Sew-In will be posted tomorrow!
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Math Fail...

Ok.. maybe it had nothing to do with the math. Anyway, I'll get to that in a minute.

So I have this Santa and Mrs that I put under our Christmas Tree each year. They are very old.. My Mom made them in ceramics in 1978. We had them under our Christmas Tree when we were kids and I was lucky enough to get them from my Mom when my oldest was just a baby.

Each year I wrap them in something padded and place them inside one of my Christmas tubs. Well, this year I had an idea. Why not make a quilted bag of some kind for each one?!! Great idea huh!?

So I went and bought some Christmas fabric on clearance for super cheap.. grabbed some paper and started making my measurements. 

I waffled between a top with a velcro flap vs. a zipper. I decided to go with the zipper. Looks good right? Looks like Santa should fit right in, doesn't it? 

WRONG!!! The bag is big enough - but Santa's belly can't get past the zipper opening. Arrgghh... I so know how he feels! But that's ok.. because I can still use this for some of my other Christmas items.

So it's back to the drawing board. But first I need to go buy more clearance Christmas fabric.
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