Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FNSI Winner! And some change....

Yay.. another successful Friday Night Sew In. I made so much progress.

I have been working hard on projects for everyone but myself  lately. Actually.. all summer! I'm almost done. Then I will move onto projects for ME.

Anyway, the FNSI Winner over here is  #105 Jennifer from http://chezcrazy.com/

Jennifer is a girl after my own projects! She worked on her Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer Block of the Month.. I am also in the block of the month but need to catch up on my blocks. She also did some granny squares.. also on my to do list. 

Anyway.. Send me your mailing address Jennifer and I will be sending you a charm pack of Mama said Sew! 

I will share my projects soon. I need to get some good pictures and I'm leaving town this week so I've been busy busy doing laundry.. packing and getting my family set to live without me for a few days! Pray my house and family doesn't fall apart.. seriously.. I'm the glue! 

And now for the "change". Bobbi and I have decided that after 3 years of hosting the FNSI.. we are changing it up a bit. This will be our last "monthly" Giveaway. We will only be doing giveaways on special occasions. But we will continue hosting the FNSI every single month! That will not change. We love.. we need the FNSI. It motivates us to get stuff done! We hope you don't mind the change!

Have a great week! I promise I have some inspiring things to post soon!

Don't forget to visit Bobbi's blog to check out her winner over there and see what she's been up to.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Friday Night Sew In - Sign up

Are you ready for some Fall Sewing? I know I sure am. The weather is cooler.. the leaves are changing... This is my favorite season.

So get your name on the list! And get a plan in place.. because Friday Night will be here in a few short days!

Oh.. and by the way.. I got a sneak peak of one of the giveaway prizes that Crafty Vegas Mom is planning.. it's pretty darn cute!!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Back In Session

School has finally started again! The first day was last Tuesday. and with that comes Fall and more time for sewing.

Although I do Love Summer, here is a list of things I won't miss...

1. My messy house..I will be honest, it's never spotless, but man those kids can make a giant mess when they are home.

2. The extra grocery expense. Why does it seem like they eat more? I pack them a daily lunch during school so it's not like I get out of any meals.

3. Week day sleepovers. I know I'm the parent and I could say "no" to this, but it's Summer and I feel like they should have some extra excitement. (Maybe this is where the extra groceries are coming from? Hmmm)

4. "I'm bored". The dreaded two word sentence.

5. The days I actually go to the office so I can get some peace and then I get the screaming phone call "he's being mean to me....aaaahhh... Here he comes.... Mom....help...." these calls usually end with me talking through clenched teeth "put your brother on the phone...put your brother on the phone... PUT YOUR BROTHER ON THE PHONE!!!"

Please tell me this is normal!?

Needless to say, I was so excited about the first day of school, I almost slept in the car!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grilled Cauliflower

We are huge grillers!! We grill multiple times every week.

I have been on a little kick lately since I read this book..

It's seriously shocking to read what todays wheat does to our health. I haven't went crazy and cut out all wheat.. not yet anyway.

So, the other night for dinner I decided to have my husband grill Cauliflower. I took one head and cut it into 4 chunks. Along with 2 zucchini cut in half.

I drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled this dry seasoning on all of them.

I have a collection of Penzey's spices.. I've been hooked for years..

Then my husband tossed them on the grill with some chicken..

Can you smell it...

It was SO GOOD!!! You should try it this Labor Day weekend!
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