Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friday Night Sew in Signup!!

Yes!! It's finally here again! This month has flown by.

I am anxious for this coming Friday night. I have big sewing plans... BIG!! I have a lot to get done for Christmas and I'm already falling behind.

So make a commitment and put your name on the list. Don't forget to add your State or country so we know where we all are!!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gift Idea

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a coworker.. or maybe a teacher or neighbor?

Well, I have a few ideas and here is the first one. It's is a fabric insert to a coffee mug. It's called the "Sewing Cup Cozy"

Pattern available here www.countryfabricsandquilting.com.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Passing Down the Craft

We traveled to see Grandma and Grandpa this past weekend. We celebrated Grandpa's 70th Birthday!!

While we were there, we taught my youngest to crochet. He loves it. 

He has been crocheting like crazy. 

He even watches TV at the same time. 

For now, he's only making long ropes. 

Maybe this weekend I will show him how to add a 2nd row. 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Science.... zzzzzzzzz

I have a 13 year old who LOVES Science. I often find myself the victim of his endless science facts and long explanations. And usually, these conversations end about 1/2 way through when my eyes gloss over and I start to snore.
But there are times when I am intrigued... Like this last week. He had an assignment to make a Cell. But the Teacher said it had to be edible.
So, he made a list of things he needed and off to the store we went.
His Cell is a 1/2 a Grape, inside 1/2 a peach.. inside 1/2 a Honeydew Melon.
Then we used various candy for the other parts.

His teacher told him she had never seen one made from fruit in all her years. Kids typically use a giant cookie, or a cake.

He was surprised that he was the first to use fruit. He told her "Really? Because fruit was the first thing that came to my mind." And she told him she was impressed with his "out of the box" thinking and gave him extra credit!
He didn't even wait to tell me he had an "A+".. he called me from the bus.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Blanket for Baby

There are so many quick and easy blanket ideas when you are in need of a quick gift.
I made this sweet little blanket for my Mom's neighbor. They are a 'younger' couple and recently had their first baby.. a little boy.
All I did was take a 36x36in square of flannel and a 36 x36in square of Orange Minky, basted them together. And then added flannel binding.

It's so soft and hopefully it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My FNSI Results

I had a very productive Friday Night!

A few months back, I joined the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the Month. I joined late so they mailed me 4 months to catch me up. Then I received Octobers block in the mail and as I stared at my pile of 5 pkgs... I knew if I didn't get caught up now, I would be in trouble.

So, I spent Friday Night making all these...

Now, most of you have been around the FNSI for awhile. So you know that I am a true believer in preparation. During the days before FNSI, I cut all the fabric for each block so it would all be ready Friday and all I would need to do is just sit down and start sewing. If I hadn't done that preparation, I would just be showing you a pile of cut fabric.
I was a little shocked to see how much fabric they send you for these block of the month clubs. I definitely have enough fabric to make 2 of each block. I just might do that over the next few months.
Aaaah.. it feels good to be caught up! Now I'm off to see what some of you worked on!
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

October FNSI Signup... Finally!!

Finally, we are posting the Signup for tomorrow night! Yes, I said TOMORROW night. We are sorry for all these delays. But it has been a crazy month. I have traveled weekend after weekend for various events. And in between all the miles, I've been a working fool. We have 5 openings in my dept at work... Pretty much says it all. My husband is working out of town. It was an unexpected trip. One of his coworkers was in a car accident (he's ok) and couldn't go, so my husband stepped up and left me alone to hold down the fort. And since I don't have family locally, I hired a college girl to pick them up from school everyday. She's been a lifesaver. But enough excuses. I have had some downtime this week in the evenings. I have sewn the last 2 evenings. It's been relaxing. And I will definitely be joining in on Friday Night. So who's with me??

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

We have an unexpected delay!

We have an unplanned delay for the October Friday Night Sew In.

There has been some long work hours and an unexpected trip that have contributed to the delay. We are just moving it out one week.

So now you have one more week to plan those projects. 
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kindness of Strangers

Sometimes I am truly amazed at the kindness of people.
First the back story - I work with people every day that I never meet. I am a "remote" employee and I spend a good portion of my days on conference calls. Usually with the same people hundreds of miles away. And because of the nature of these "faceless" meetings, we sometimes find creative ways to get to know each other.
Anyway - one day in a meeting as we waited for the meeting to begin, someone asked "If you could do anything for a job and still get your same paycheck and benefits.. what would you do?"
Well, that's how I found out that someone I speak to all the time is a quilter! Her answer was that she would quilt all day long. We've talked fabric a time or two since that day.
So fast forward about 5 months to a couple weeks ago. She sends me a message and says. "Heidi, would you be interested in a long arm quilt frame and sewing machine?"...
My answer "Um.. YEAH!!!"
The only catch, we had to come and get it. She lives in Minneapolis but would bring it to her cabin in Wisconsin. Only an hour drive southeast from my house.
So me and Mr Heidi hit the road! Not only did I get to meet my coworker for the first time but we brought this baby home!
It is way better than I expected!! It is a Grace King Size Frame and Janome 1600P. It has a stitch regulator and laser guide along with all these wood templates. I'm still in a state of shock. It's so big we had to set it up in the basement.  

Bobbi helped me name her. Her name is Lucy and I will be loading fabric on her tomorrow and taking her for a spin. I need to watch the video on how to do that first. But she's all set up and ready to go.  
Anyone want to come help me figure her out?
And receiving this amazing gift has given me a very strong urge to "pay it forward". I'm just not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm open to ideas!
So what would your dream job be?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FNSI Winner! And some change....

Yay.. another successful Friday Night Sew In. I made so much progress.

I have been working hard on projects for everyone but myself  lately. Actually.. all summer! I'm almost done. Then I will move onto projects for ME.

Anyway, the FNSI Winner over here is  #105 Jennifer from http://chezcrazy.com/

Jennifer is a girl after my own projects! She worked on her Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer Block of the Month.. I am also in the block of the month but need to catch up on my blocks. She also did some granny squares.. also on my to do list. 

Anyway.. Send me your mailing address Jennifer and I will be sending you a charm pack of Mama said Sew! 

I will share my projects soon. I need to get some good pictures and I'm leaving town this week so I've been busy busy doing laundry.. packing and getting my family set to live without me for a few days! Pray my house and family doesn't fall apart.. seriously.. I'm the glue! 

And now for the "change". Bobbi and I have decided that after 3 years of hosting the FNSI.. we are changing it up a bit. This will be our last "monthly" Giveaway. We will only be doing giveaways on special occasions. But we will continue hosting the FNSI every single month! That will not change. We love.. we need the FNSI. It motivates us to get stuff done! We hope you don't mind the change!

Have a great week! I promise I have some inspiring things to post soon!

Don't forget to visit Bobbi's blog to check out her winner over there and see what she's been up to.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Friday Night Sew In - Sign up

Are you ready for some Fall Sewing? I know I sure am. The weather is cooler.. the leaves are changing... This is my favorite season.

So get your name on the list! And get a plan in place.. because Friday Night will be here in a few short days!

Oh.. and by the way.. I got a sneak peak of one of the giveaway prizes that Crafty Vegas Mom is planning.. it's pretty darn cute!!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Back In Session

School has finally started again! The first day was last Tuesday. and with that comes Fall and more time for sewing.

Although I do Love Summer, here is a list of things I won't miss...

1. My messy house..I will be honest, it's never spotless, but man those kids can make a giant mess when they are home.

2. The extra grocery expense. Why does it seem like they eat more? I pack them a daily lunch during school so it's not like I get out of any meals.

3. Week day sleepovers. I know I'm the parent and I could say "no" to this, but it's Summer and I feel like they should have some extra excitement. (Maybe this is where the extra groceries are coming from? Hmmm)

4. "I'm bored". The dreaded two word sentence.

5. The days I actually go to the office so I can get some peace and then I get the screaming phone call "he's being mean to me....aaaahhh... Here he comes.... Mom....help...." these calls usually end with me talking through clenched teeth "put your brother on the phone...put your brother on the phone... PUT YOUR BROTHER ON THE PHONE!!!"

Please tell me this is normal!?

Needless to say, I was so excited about the first day of school, I almost slept in the car!

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grilled Cauliflower

We are huge grillers!! We grill multiple times every week.

I have been on a little kick lately since I read this book..

It's seriously shocking to read what todays wheat does to our health. I haven't went crazy and cut out all wheat.. not yet anyway.

So, the other night for dinner I decided to have my husband grill Cauliflower. I took one head and cut it into 4 chunks. Along with 2 zucchini cut in half.

I drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled this dry seasoning on all of them.

I have a collection of Penzey's spices.. I've been hooked for years..

Then my husband tossed them on the grill with some chicken..

Can you smell it...

It was SO GOOD!!! You should try it this Labor Day weekend!
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh Baby...

You know those moments that make you realize how old you are? I've had one of those recently.

Waaaaay back when I was 19yrs old, I met a life long friend. When we met, she had a little baby.. named Kayla. I watched Kayla grow up over the years... she got married.. and now she is expecting her first little baby.

Here is her belly... I love this picture.

So when she found out she was expecting - before she even knew if it was a boy or a girl.. she wanted the Sock Monkey theme.

I offered to make the nursery items for her and her sweet hubby.

As soon as she found out she was having a girl.. I was secretly hoping she would change her mind and go with something pink and super girly. Since I only have boys.. I was dying to do something pink.

But we moved ahead with the sock monkey and honestly, it turned out so cute!!

Here is a snapshot..

And a close up of the bumper pads.

And the curtains..

And a pillow..

This is the back of the pillow..

But, when I drove the 4 1/2 hours to deliver it all, we discovered that the crib skirt was too long. So I had to bring it back home with me and shorten it a bit. So here it is hanging over my kitchen island since I don't have a crib in my house to display it.

I used this pattern to make the skirt - but shortened to only 14 inches long.

Her is the insides of the pleats.

I have a few more blankets that I'm working on for her. She is just days away from delivering. I can't wait!!!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blueberry Butter.. YUM

So when we decided to move all the way from Arizona to Minnesota.. I knew what I was getting myself into. I grew up in North Dakota so I know what winter is all about.

But one thing I didn't realize, is that Blueberries are all around us every summer! We used to pick Choke Cherries and Raspberries when I was a kid, but never Blueberries! Who knew!  I love Blueberries.

So, when I came across a recipe recently, I was super excited to give it a try.

You've heard of Apple Butter right? I have a recipe for it on my sidebar. Well, what about Blueberry Butter?!! Eh?? I know!

I have adapted my recipe from THIS ONE. I'm not a fan of things super sweet. So I added a few more Blueberries and cut the sugar in half.

And the best part - you make it in the Crock Pot.

Blueberry Plum Butter

6 Pints of fresh Blueberries
5 Plums
1 Cup White Sugar
Juice of 1 Lemon

Wash Blueberries and remove all the stems. Wash Plums and cut in 1/2 to remove the pit.

Put Blueberries and Plums into food processor and blend until you have a puree. Pour puree into Crock Pot and cook on HIGH for 1 hour.

Reduce to LOW and cook for 6-8 hours or until it has reduced and consistency is thick like Apple Butter. 

When you in the final hour of cooking remove lid and add Sugar and Lemon Juice. Cook for final hour and then spoon into 1/2 pint jars. Recipe makes 5-6 1/2 pints or 3 pints.  

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Monday, August 20, 2012

FNSI Winner!

I love the Friday Night Sew-In.. I really really do.

Can you beleive that Bobbi and I have been hosting these for 3 YEARS!!! Wow, time really flies when you are having fun. We have decided to make one minor change to how we do the FNSI. Instead of making you post your results on Saturday, and doing the drawings on Sunday, we have decided to give you all weekend to post and we will do the drawings on Monday evenings from now on.   

I am sewing again this evening. My work schedule this week doesn't look like it will be too mentally draining. So I will hopefully be sewing every night!

Anyway.. on to the good part. Bobbi and I each drew a winner for a prize from all the FNSI participants. This month, I will be sending my winner a Charm Pack of this adorable fabric "Cherry Christmas" along with some goodies from my FNSI Giveaway box. It's full of fun stuff.

My winner is #75 Lisa Ann from http://lisaannslife.blogspot.com/

I am in love with her granny square pin cushion. I.want.it! I've recently added the granny squares to my long wish list of future quilts.

Congrats Lisa Ann - send me your info and I will get this fun little package in the mail to you!!

Don't forget to check Bobbi's blog to see who her winner is over there.
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Home for Santa and his Mrs

I'm not quite finished with my projects from the FNSI - So I will share them later. But I did finish these at the beginning of the evening.

You may remember this post when I attempted to make a quilted bag to store my ceramic Santa and Mrs. It didn't work out so well.

Needless to say, they have been siting on the window seat in my dining room since January. Yeah.. please don't judge me.

So now that summer (or the end of) has arrived, I noticed how cheap the fleece was at my local discount fabric store. I decided to grab some dark red along with some gold satin rope and make some simple sacks to put Santa and Mrs into.

So I brushed off the nice thick layer of dust and slipped them inside without problem. YAY!!! I love these and they look just like Santa's gift sacks too!! Ooooohh.. that just gave me another idea! These were so simple to make - maybe I should get some more fleece while it's dirt cheap and make gift sacks for under my own tree each year! How cute would that be! Maybe a tutorial is in order.

Now for the big question... do you think they will make it to the attic before it's time to decorate for this Christmas?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prepared and Excited

I just spent some time getting 2 projects cut and ready for Friday Night Sew-In.

One thing I have learned from doing these FNSIs over the past 3 years is that the key to success is preparation.

I am ready!! Now if I could just skip work tomorrow....
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Monday, August 13, 2012

August Friday night Sew In Sign Up!!

Yay Crafty Vegas Mom for coming to the FNSI rescue this month!!

It's just days away and Bobbi just posted the sign up this month. So head on over to her blog and sign up!


I know exactly what I will be working on. How about you? Pin It

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time For A Redo

Do you shop on Craigslist?

I rarely buy things off Craigslist even though I look frequently. But I made a purchase yesterday.

I found this awesome Quilt Rack for $20!! Have you ever seen a Quilt Rack with a bottom drawer!? It's my favorite part.

But I should probably add in $10 for gas since what should have been a 20 minute trip turned into an hour because of 1 wrong turn. But it's all good.

Now I just need to decide how to refinish it and make it fresh and new!!

I won't be able to work on it for at least 2 weeks though. Even though it's been calling my name today. I am sewing and workin hard to finish a project. And next weekend, I will be traveling. But after that.. I'm goin to tackle this makeover! And hopefully by then I will have a plan!

**update** I rec'd an email from a reader, Jan, who let me know this is actually a saddle rack. It totally makes sense! The drawers are for combs and brushes. And the horseshoe handles on the end are for holding the bridle. I love it even more now. Thank you Jan!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FNSI Winner.. and my "Results"

What is wrong with me? Why haven't I been on the computer and posted the FNSI results and Winnesr?? I blame my Smart Phone.. and my 12 yr old who makes me Rock, Paper, Scissors for computer time.

Anyway.. I was sewing away with all of you on Friday. I really needed this FNSI. I'm working on a project that I'm not quite ready to reveal YET... but I will show you this picture as a "hint".

I swear it was right-side-up everytime until I put it in the post. Ugh!! Anyway.. you get the picture. I will share all the details in 2 1/2 weeks! So stay tuned!  

Now for the best part.. The FNSI Winners!!!

The first winner will receive these 3 Fat Quarters with a Halloween Theme.. along with the Luggage Tag below..  (The luggage tag is a reminder for Sewing Retreats.. so you don't forget anything)

Winner is.. #11 - Sisbabe from http://sisbabestitching.blogspot.com.au/

The 2nd Winner will receive a charm pack of Phenomenal Fall...

Winner is #68 Shanna from http://ssparrowinflight.blogspot.com/

Congratulations to you both! Send me your address and I will get these out to you both.

The next FNSI for August will be on the 17th. So mark your calendars now!!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Are you there Blog? It's me, Heidi

Hello! I'm still here!!

I know I haven't been absent from my Blog. But I have some really good excuses. I'll tell you about them later this week.

But for now - I need to post the Friday Night Sew-In signup!! Are you ready?!

The July FNSI will be this coming Friday the 13th! Whoooo... spooky. Are you superstitious?

I will be planning the giveaway with a spooky theme!

So here is the signup! Get your name on the list.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Update

Are you sewing away? Making progress on those UFO's??

I won't be around tomorrow to share what I'm working on. I will be spending my day down in Rochester At the Minnesota Quilt Show.

I'm pretty excited. My camera is ready. I will have plenty of pictures to share.

In the mean time - my partner in crime and cohost- Bobbi, will be drawing winners on Sunday and she has some awesome prizes picked out. So be sure to keep your eyes on www.craftyvegasmom.blogspot.com on Sunday for all the scoop!

And since it's not a post without a picture, here are some fun ones of my boys this summer. We've been spending almost every night at the baseball fields.
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Friday Night Sew-In Signup

Yes.. it is that time again. And I couldn't need this upcoming FNSI MORE!! I have falling behind on a project and need to get my act in gear.

With all the activities of Summer - it's easy to walk right past that sewing room door. But this next Friday - I'm going to sew sew sew!!

Will you sew with me?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

WINNERS ANNOUNCED - A Few of my Favorite Things - A Celebration

Giveaway Closed..

All winners selected using Random.org and they are:

The winner of the Gold Canyon Candle is - #4 Suburban Stitcher

The winner of the Philosophy Purity Cleanser is - #17 Dara from http://caciescreations.blogspot.com/ (you have to go check out her lemonade stand.. LOVE)

And the last lucky person who won the Lucy Charm pack is - #3 Patty from http://ncweekendquilter.blogspot.com/ (and she loves Lucy's Crab Shack too!)

Send me your mailing address ladies and I will get these off in the mail to you!! Congrats!!

Today happens to be my cousin's, Bobbi (aka Crafty Vegas Mom), Birthday.

And since she happens to be one of my Favorite People... I decided to celebrate by giving away some of my favorite things.

Look at her with her Barbie Cake!!! She's still pretty cute.. just not quite as innocent.

My first Favorite Thing is this Gold Canyon Candle.. in "Ginger Lime" Scent. If you have never tried a Gold Canyon Candle.. you don't know what you are missing. They truly are "The Worlds Finest"!!

My 2nd Favorite Thing is this facial cleanser by Philosophy! I became a philosophy girl in 2005 after my youngest was born. I LOVE philosophy products. Truly the best facial cleanser EVER!!! And it helps that it's a "One Step Cleanser".. because after a crazy day at my house.. the last thing I have time for is a 3 step cleansing process.

And.. it's not just for the girls either! I had my 12 yr old son start using it after he got his first blemish.. AMAZING!!! His skin cleared right up!

And finally.. my 3rd Favorite Thing (right now) happens to be Lucy's Crab Shack fabric that just hit stores. So I'm giving away this charm pack.

All you have to do to enter is tell me what one of your favorite things is! 

And don't forget to go to Crafty Vegas Mom and wish Bobbi a Happy Birthday!!!  
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quid Pro Quo Part Deux

So you may remember a few months back when I made this trade with one of my Cousins.

Well, this weekend, we made another trade.

I made her this casserole keeper (similar to this one)

She makes a blueberry dessert that I love! So I decided to use blueberry fabric.

And this is what she gave me...

An old window and a screen. I've got big plans for the window! Still not sure what I want to do with the screen though. I'll need to think about that one for a while.

I also got a giant bag of Rhubarb from my Aunt and Uncle. This one had a root on it.. so we put it in a pot and I brought it home. I love Rhubarb. I'll be doing some baking tomorrow for sure.

And, speaking of tomorrow.. I'm planning a giveaway to celebrate someone special. So don't forget to come back and see what it is!
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