Monday, January 13, 2014

Run for Your Lives!!!

So about a year ago I decided to teach myself to crochet. Actually, I wanted to knit. But quickly gave up. So I gave crocheting a try and fell in love. 

I've made a bazillion hats.. And although I might be exaggerating on that part, it's pretty close. 

Anyway, in the beginning, I found If you crochet or knit and don't know about Ravelry... Slide that rock off the hole you are living in and check it out! The inspiration and ideas are endless. 

Then this past Saturday, my 9yr old asked me for a zombie. I guess I should be honored that he has so much confidence in me. I found a pattern on Ravelry and went to work.

While making his zombie I learned that my son could easily run a sweatshop during the process. He was relentless. "Is it don't yet?"  "Will it be done tomorrow?" "Why are you taking a break?" "Do you want a bandage for those raw fingertips?"  

So, after 2 evenings of working away, here is his new zombie...

Ain't he "cute"? 

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Is that a Mustache or are you just happy to see me?

As I'm sure you are aware, mustaches are the cool thing lately. 

So for Christmas, I decided to make some mustache pillows for my boys. I could see the idea in my head. I had a plan. 

When I went to the quilt store to buy the brown minky for the front, I think she was a little shocked at how much I was buying. She must have thought I meant a square pillow. But nooooo.... This is what I was making. 

They were difficult to wrap and put under the tree. But my boys absolutely love them!! 

Here is the backing fabric. I really wanted to use a fabric with actual mustaches... but I had to settle for foxes with mustaches, bow ties and sweaters. I'm glad I did because as you all know.. Foxes are pretty cool right now too. 

I drew half the 'stash on tissue paper and then cut it on the fold so each side would be even. This is one of those rare moments when it actually turned out better than it looked in my mind. Usually it's just the opposite. 

How about you? What kind of homemade gifts did you make this year?
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back in the Saddle

I have been sewing again... It feels so good to let the creative stuff out! 

My life is still upside down and sideways.. But I wanted to let you know that I'm ok and I'm sewing again. I have made some fun stuff that I will be sharing very soon. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is going to be a good year... I can feel it. 
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