Sunday, March 27, 2011

Um.. What? How?

So I realized a few days ago that not only did I hit 500 Followers.. but I just had my 2 yr Blogiversary. I can't believe it's been 2 years already.

I'm planning something.. something really good!! So stay tuned. I just need to figure out what it is.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Roadtrip turned upside down

The kids are on Spring Break this next week. We had plans (just me and the kids) to roadtrip to Grandma and Grandpa's house (4.5 hours away) and spend a few days.. eating.. laughing.. playing.. laughing.. you get the picture.

Well, we had to cancel because we are still sick and need to get better. In fact, my Mom told me so. I think her words were "You guys are sick and shouldn't be out on the road.. stay home and rest and we will see you Easter." And even at my age, when your mom tells you to do something.. you do it!

So, we decided to get a head start on our VERY FIRST GARDEN!!

We are very excited. My husband is pumped.. the kids are pumped.. and I'm doing all the work pumped.

We always wanted a garden when we lived in Arizona - but the sandy soil isn't very "garden" friendly. So even though they have multiple growing seasons - it takes a lot of time and know how to do it. Years and years of soil prep and typically all done above ground.. so we never took the time to do it.

But, while the kids were at school today - the husband and I went to our local garden center and bought some initial supplies. We will be getting our seeds started this weekend.

Now we just need all the snow to melt and the ground to thaw. Then my Dad and Uncle will be bringing the rototiller to prep the plot we have picked out and we can get growing!!

How about you? Do you garden? What kinds of things do you grow? Pin It

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken WOW!!

I haven't shared a recipe in a while - and I've been holding on to this one for a few weeks. So I figured it's time to let you in on this wonderful dish!

You will need:
1 whole Chicken
6 oz Cream Cheese
4 cloves Garlic (minced)
Ground Black Pepper
1 Fresh Lemon (cut in 1/2)
Olive Oil
3 Baking Potatoes
3 Sweet Potatoes
Prep time = 30 minutes
Total time from start to table = 2 hours

Step 1: Take 6 oz (3/4 of an 8oz brick), 2 of the minced garlic cloves and 1/2 tsp of black pepper. You can also add some herbs to this. Maybe rosemary or thyme? Get creative if you want.

Step 2: Combine mixture together (I used the mixer)

Step 3: Use your hands or the handle of a wooden spoon to carefully separate skin from meat of breast, thighs and legs. Being careful not to tear the skin.

Step 4: Spoon cream cheese mixture up under the skin. This is the messy part.. get your hands in there and spread it around.

Step 5: Salt and Pepper the outside and place 2 lemon halves inside the cavity of the bird. Place chicken in shallow baking dish and brush with 2 Tbsps of olive oil.

Step 6: Peel and cut the Potatoes. Toss with 3 Tbsps of Olive Oil and remaining 2 cloves of Garlic (minced). 

Step 7:  Place potatoes on a baking sheet.
Step 8: Place Chicken and Potatoes in the 375 degree oven on separate racks. Bake for approx 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours or until Chicken is done (165 degrees) stirring potatoes every 30 minutes.

 Place on serving dish.. and enjoy!!

I can't even begin to tell you how moist this chicken was. It was SO GOOD!!

If you try it.. I'd love to hear what you thought!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Checkers Anyone?

Have you ever seen these large checker games?

My brother got this one as a Christmas gift this past year. He has always been a big game player.

He works in Afghanistan and travels back to the US every 3 months. He usually spends a night with other co-workers in Dubai while they wait for their flights home to various parts of the World. And typically they pass the time playing games.. checkers.. dominos.. etc.

Well, he asked me to make a bag to carry the game.  Do you think it's "manly" enough?

The pockets were his idea - he originally asked for a pocket for each checker so he would always know that he had them all packed. But 24 pockets seemed a little daunting. So I made 12 total - 6 red and 6 black (2 checkers in each).

What do you think? I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. He's currently home so I will get to see what he thinks about it this weekend when I see him.

And the best part - all the fabric was from my stash!! I only needed to purchase the zipper! I love when that happens. Pin It

Do as I do.. not as I say

Wait.. is that how that goes? I don't think so.

Anyway - I joined another SWAP!!! Yep.. I know.. I know.. but I'm really excited about this one. It's an I-Spy Swap.

Click picture to signup!!!
or click HERE

Have you ever done one? I have - just one other time and it was fun. And of all the swaps I have done, probably the easiest kind EVER!!

I've seen a few adorable patterns for I-Spy quilts lately and really want to make an I-Spy quilt. It's the perfect gift for any kid in your life.

Crystal over at Hendrixville is the organizer and there are only a few spots left. So you better get over there FAST and signup!! All the cool people are doing it! Pin It

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swaps are Fun!

I had recently avoided swaps because my TO DO list is WAY too long. But I did join the Once a Season Swap recently.

I made this Corduroy Tote and a matching zipper pouch for Toni over at The Quilting Pirate. I'm so happy she liked it!!

The next round of the Once a Season Swap is coming in April. Go visit Cheryll and keep your eye open for signups coming soon!

And if you are interested in a tutorial for the Corduroy Tote... Click HERE to see the one that Bobbi over at Crafty Vegas Mom has on her blog. Pin It

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The FNSI Winner!!

Once again we had a successful Friday Night Sew-In. Along with all of us "regulars", we had quite a few first timers too. I've had fun looking at some of your blogs - there are alot to go thru! 196 people this time! WOW!! Think of all the fabric and thread that was put to good use this weekend?

Anyway.. now for the lucky winner of the June Taylor package from Arrow Sewing Cabinets selected #175 Becca from Quilting B 29's Quilt Life. Becca made some great progress on an apron. Congratulation's Becca!! Send me an email with your address and we will get the awesome prize to you.

Thanks again to everyone for joining in and supporting each other. The next FNSI will be April 15th - get it on your calendars now! And don't forget to check out the Facebook page for Arrow Sewing Cabinets - you can win cool things if you become a fan. Pin It

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FNSI Results and News!

I had a great FNSI last night. In fact.. I’m still sewing today!! How about you?

Although my sewing machine was humming.. and my rotary cutter is now dull, I don’t have much to show you. I’m working on a project for my brother that I’m hoping to finish today – so when that’s done, I’ll post some pictures of it.

But I can show you this little thing I made last night…

Do you know what that is? It’s an ipod cover. Some of you may remember that I made one last year also. The first one looked like this…

But I decided to improve the design and came up with this one.

However – I forgot to accommodate one little detail

Yep, I forgot about the headphones. So I will be making another one soon – maybe today.

NOW – for something really EXCITING!!! Have you ever heard of Arrow Sewing Cabinets? You should really check them out. Their cabinets are every sew’ers dream!

Well, they are sponsoring the giveaway for last nights FNSI!!!! So make sure to share your pictures and show us what you worked on. Get that blog post done! That’s what the FNSI is all about, remember? Encouraging each other to take time for ourselves and make progress on those “To Do” list items.

Here is what we will be giving away tomorrow to one lucky FNSI participant! I’ve been wanting one of these cut n press mats for while now. And that mini spool holder is genius!

Are you on Facebook? Well, so is Arrow Sewing Cabinets. I have been a Facebook fan of theirs for a few weeks now and I can tell you they do some pretty exciting things. Every Friday they giveaway a prize to one of their fans. Yesterday was a fun flirty apron.

AND.. are you ready for this?.. when they get to 1,500 fans they will be giving away a Gidget II sewing table (Moondoggie not included). And every time they get 500 more fans.. they giveaway another Gidget (2,000… 2,500… 3,000.. you get the picture). And I’ve heard that when they get to 5,000 fans they have something BIG planned. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

So get over there and become a fan!!! Here is a link to their Facebook page.

Now I’m heading back to my sewing room. I’ll meet you all back here tomorrow! Pin It

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Winners are....

The lucky Winners were selected using and they are...

#35 Robyn K from Stitchin' Time  won the March pattern


#53 Kerry from A Little Stitching won the February pattern

Congrats Ladies.. send me your address and I will get these in the mail to you. Pin It

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Giveaway Time!!

Well, I finally made it over to the quilt store to pick up my February and March Patch Abilities patterns/kits. I was late getting February since everytime I turned around, someone in my house was sick.

Here is the mini for February..

And here is March..

I'm not a fan of the fabrics that the quilt store put together for either month this time. They just didn't do it for me.

Here are the patterns.. and I will be giving one away to two lucky people. If you have a preference for one month over the other, just let me know in the comments.

Remember - these won't be for sale on their own until 2012.. so this is the only way to get them unless you are in the monthly mini club.

To enter.. just leave a comment.

I will draw the winner Tuesday morning. Good Luck! Pin It

Friday, March 11, 2011

One More Week!

Just a reminder that they Friday Night Sew-In is NEXT Friday the 18th of March.

Of course you can sew tonight too... I know I will be. But the official date for the FNSI is 3/18.

Have a great weekend!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

March Friday Night Sew-In.. Sign up now!!

The sign up for the Friday Night Sew-In is finally here!!! Join Bobbi and I for another fun FNSI!

Get your name on the list... commit to some me time.. work on those projects that are calling your name.

If you are new and need to know how it works.. here are the details:

1. Enter your blog info below. **If you don't have a blog - you can enter the Flickr group link as your URL.

2. Make a post on your blog - letting all your readers know about the sew-in. Spread the word.. we could all use the virtual sewing support and encouragement.

3. On Friday – 3/18/11- Get your house settled, put on your comfy jammies.. maybe make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine.. and sit down to work on some of those projects.

4. Then, sometime on Saturday - publish a post about what you worked on.. show us a picture or two on Flickr. There is a FNSI group on Flickr if you haven't already joined. Totally optional.

And finally - on Sunday 3/20/11, we will enter all participants into a drawing for the GIVEAWAY!!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swap Fun!

The only thing better than stalking the mailman when you are expecting a package - is going to the maibox and finding a package you were NOT expecting!!!

I joined the Seasonal Swap recently. And I was so consumed in what I would send to my partner.. that I totally forgot that I would be getting a package too!

I went to the mailbox yesterday and there it was.. a sweet little package from Pauline in the UK.

The table topper looks great on my nightstand. Thank you Pauline! I love it all!!
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