Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Results for the FNSI

So we have this bench by our back door. It's the door we use most. Everyone comes in the door and kicks off their shoes.. throws their backpacks.. takes off their gloves and hat.. and sometimes hangs up their coats. 

We have this crate there..

It's where all the mittens, hats and scarves are supposed to go. And in the summer time, we used it for baseballs.. and baseball gloves.. and footballs.

Well, I've never been a fan of how it looked. I thought I needed to find a pretty basket, or something that was nicer to look at.

Then I found this tutorial... "The Undercover Crate". The minute I saw the tutorial, I knew it was the perfect solution.

It looks so much better doesn't it. (It helps I cleaned up the floor.. but we won't talk about that)

I used one of my "Quilt Minnesota" charm packs from last year. I love this fabric.

Do you see my mistake on the picture? The white square is upside down.. aahh. who cares! I love it anyway.

I love the FNSI - if it wasn't for the sew in last night, I would have put this project off again!! Thank you to all of you for keeping me motivated!!

How about you? Did you get a lot done?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and see who the winners are! Bobbi will be drawing and mailing the prizes this time and they are G.O.O.D!!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sign up for the 2nd FNSI of December!!

We are just days away from our 2nd Friday Night Sew-In for December. This is the time to get those holiday projects complete!!!

One of you had a great suggestion recently - when you add your name to the list below, include your state or country. Then we can see at a quick glance where we are all from.

So why wait?? Get your name on the list! Let's get those holiday projects finished!

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Winner Winner!! Yes that's 2 Winners

I have been visiting some of your blogs and you were all very busy on Friday night. A lot of progress was maded on gifts and projects.. so many pretty things too.

So here are the two lucky winners... (selecting using

First, the lucky winner of the "Ooo Rah Wallet" Pattern and fabric from Debbie @ Stitches and Seams is...

#53 Cherise from "Sewingly along".

#46 Karen from "Where is my seam ripper" is the lucky winner of this book from me.

I have owned a copy of this book for a couple years and it's been very helpful. And when I spotted it on sale this week - I knew it would make the perfect gift for the FNSI.

Ok winners - send me an email with your address and we will get these gifts off in the mail to you.

** The signup for the next FNSI (in just 6 days) will be posted tonight.
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My FNSI Results

I fully intended to post this yesterday.. but I left the house early for a "quick trip" to the quilt store.. and returned home 4 hours later. I went to 3 different quilt stores and loved every minute of it.

On Friday night I made the "Ooo rah wallet" and an apron.

The pattern for the wallet (which happens to be part of the FNSI giveaway this week) is very well written. At first, I'll admit I was a little overwhelmed when I printed the pattern - but after I got all my fabric cut out, it went together SO EASY!!

And I have a great idea for this wallet. Do you have all those little punch cards and frequent shopper cards for all your favorite fabric stores (and coffee shops etc). I always kept them in a little stack in my wallet and then always felt the pressure at the register to find it.

Well not anymore!! This new little wallet is where I will be keeping all those cards!

There is even a little zipper pouch on the back for me to keep my fabric allowance.

And here is a little stack of fabric for my 2nd one!! It's going to be pretty. These wallets would make great stocking stuffers!!  

I also finished this apron.

The apron is from a pattern called "The Church Lady Apron". It's reversable.. and I fell in love with the wavy bottom.

Here is a close up of the fabric.. with little roosters..

Now I'm off to the grocery store.. that pantry doesn't fill itself. I will be back on later to announce the winner of the giveaway (2 winners).. so get your FNSI results posted!!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

FNSI Giveaway Sponsor for December 9th!

I wanted to give you all a preview of the the giveaway will be for the Friday Night Sew-In on December 9th.

Isn't it pretty!!? Wouldn't it make a cute stocking stuffer?

Debbie was kind enough to offer this PDF pattern along with enough fabric to make the "OOO-RAH Wallet" to one lucky FNSI participant.

So if you are on the fence about joining in this coming Friday... here is one good reason to jump on board!! Come sew with us!
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday Night Sew In - December 9th

Here it is! The signup for the FIRST FNSI of December! December 9th!

We all need to keep plugging away on our Christmas projects.. time is flying by. So get your name on the list and commit to spending Friday night with the rest of us!

(If you are new to the FNSI - you can click the link above this post for details on how it works.)

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