Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some new items

I've made a few new items to share. I made another yoga bag.. similar to the first one. However, I changed the lining a bit on this one. A friend of mine is getting married and wanted to give them to her future Mother in law and Sister in law. She gave them to them last weekend and she said they were a HUGE HIT!!! Totally made my day. These bags are so pretty in person and the fabric couldn't be more perfect.

The Lining... aaahhh relaxing.

Next I made a small tote for my friend who is my VP of Graffic Arts for Handmade by Heidi Inc. LOL. She went to UofA and I found the fabric first - then had to come up with a good idea how to use it. She loved the bag - I wanted to keep it myself.. it's adorable. I got the idea to put the label on the outside from a similar bag that someone else made.

And lastly - I've been busy making Corn Bags.. have you ever seen them? They are awesome!! You can heat them in the microwave and use for a heat pack on sore muscles. Or you can keep them in the freezer and use as an ice pack. I've made too many of the large ones to count - these are a HOT item with all my friends/family. I've also made some small ones with this cute kid fabric. I've been keeping this one in the freezer as an ice pack. I gave one to my Aunt in Vegas to use for her Great Grandson when he's visiting. He's only 1 and has alot of bumps and stumbles ahead of him.

Come back soon - I have so much more to share in the coming days. I'm making some super cute blankets for the same person that I made the pillow for. Can't wait to share those with you. And I also have some additional bags I'm working on.

Have a great day!!!
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