Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Suspense short lived...

Ok - it didn't take me long to finish some projects. I think I was going through sewing withdrawls since I was away from home. I've been a sewing fool.

I made this cute bag with the fabric I teased you with yesterday - not much suspense since I didn't make you wait very long to see the results. But here it is. The bag is smaller then I would like - but I was following the pattern. Now I will make adjustments to make it better - well, better according to me that is.

I loved working with the grommets too! Can't wait to use them in another bag. I have so many ideas floating in my head - I've had to start a small "idea journal" to document all my ideas and drawings. Now I just need time to start making some of them.

I also made this cute receiving blanket tonight - I think I have a baby girl in mind for this one, not sure yet though. I have a couple new baby boys that I need to make things for soon. So I will be making some boy blankets in the coming weeks.

And finally - below is another sneak peek at an upcoming project. Cute fabrics huh? But don't be looking for the final product within 24 hours like the last sneak peek - this one will take me some time. I'm still working it out in my head and need backing flannel to finish it.

Hope you have enjoyed the new pictures!

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Karen said...

Wasn't your sneak peek fabric greens? I think the bag is so cute! But I understand. I always have to make my own modifications to everything, too.