Sunday, August 9, 2009

A busy little bee...

Somehow between 20 loads of laundry (ok, maybe not 20), lots of cooking, cleaning, the whole family bowling, swimming.. and things I can't even remember - I managed to get all this done this weekend.

First - I made this for my Mom. It's a "Couch Caddy".. it doesn't fit on the arm of my couch - so I had to display it here on my machine. It was super simple to make. Found the pattern here.

I hope she likes it.
Second - I made this cute zipper pouch. I had to get creative and mix it up a little bit since I only had 2 fat quarters to work with. I had to piece the back and it turned out really cute.

Third - Made this flax filled bag for my Mom. You can freeze to use as a cold pack, or microwave and use as a heat back. She wants it to warm her feet at night.
Fourth - here is a self binding receiving blanket for my Sisters new grandchild. Sending this back with my niece along with the couch caddie and flax bag for my Mother.

And lastly - I finished this new bag. It was very time consuming - more than most of the bags that I'm used to making. Not sure if I'll do another one anytime soon. If I do, I'll make some adjustments to it. But I do like how it turned out.

That's it for now.. I have some more things I need to make this week before my niece leaves on Saturday.
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beckylyn said...

oh how i love grommets! this bag is beautiful!