Friday, January 1, 2010

Quilting bee do over

I am in an online quilting bee and love it! December was my month to mail out fabrics to everyone in the bee.

I selected the new Astor Manor from Moda as my fabrics - and Amandajean over at Crazy Mom Quilts was kind enough to allow me to use her tutorial for the Star Sampler quilt.

So, I got it all together - mailed it out.. and have started to receive some blocks back. They are so pretty. I started working on the setting blocks to go between the stars and that is when the problem occured.

My original thinking was that I would use a semi solid red from the line that I didn't use in any of the star blocks.. I thought it would be a good accent. But instead of being a good accent - it over powers my star blocks.

SO.. I am going to my LQS today and picking out something else to use in place of the deep red. Thank goodness I had only made 3 setting blocks so far.

And - something exciting.... My LQS is having a "Meet the Teacher" event today for the up coming classes. And I'm going to sign up myself and my sewing buddy, bobbi, for a class the end of January. It is being taught by Moda designers Barb and Mary of "Me and My Sister Designs". We will be making one of their new patterns!

The ladies at my LQS said that Barb and Mary are a ton of fun! Bobbi and I can't wait for the class and I'm excited to meet them today when I go there to register! Pin It


Bobbi said...

I cant wait for that class...and to come see you! its been TOO long this time!!! the blocks are turning out NICE!

Mrs Quilty said...

That sounds so exciting, Heidi! Wow, what beautiful red squares! Looks like a lot of fun and to meet the ladies at LQS, now that's an exciting adventure just waiting to happen!! Enjoy!!

Unknown said...

I love the red....the blocks look really great! I just realized I missed your giveaway...oops.....glad I found your blog though...happy new year!

Needled Mom said...

That will be awesome. Love the blocks too.

Val said...

How does a quilting bee online work? Are u in charge of it? I think it all looks great. I have been working on crazy moms star quilt for a while. I need to finish it. I am wanting my Mom and I to take another quilting class. It is so much fun.

Micki said...

I love the red in your quilt. I have never heard of a quilting bee online, but it sounds like fun!