Monday, April 5, 2010

A busy little Bee!

I have been falling behind again. I have so many projects on my plate right now... and really need to catch up.

I have two months of Bee Blocks that I need to do. The March block is for Adrienne - here is her fabric
She has asked for a mini quilt and I finally have a plan!! It's going to be sooooo cute!

And I just received this gorgeous bundle in the mail today from Angie..

Her request is for Circles... I've never done circles before so I'm excited and a little scared - but I know I will love them. Can't wait to get started!

And lastly - a question for you guys. I've been making these corn bags for awhile now.
They are good for either a hot or cold pack. They have a removable (and washable) cover. I was wondering if anyone was interested in a tutorial? If so - I will post it.. just let me know.

Now I'm off to clean up my sewing room so I can get in there and be creative later.
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FlourishingPalms said...

I love those corn bags! I've made a bunch of them myself. They're great gifts, but only so if you can give them away in person... too expensive to mail!

Jamie said...

I would love a tutorial!

Unknown said...

I'd love one!

Nichole said...

i got my favorite from angie today too! i am also a bit scared about this whole circle thing.

Poppyprint said...

Oh! you are going to be busy! Have fun with your bee blocks.

Barb said...

A tut would be great!! Love all the fabric squares....and you do have alot on your plate but I am sure you can get it all done.

Teresa said...

It took me a moment to understand what a corn bag is, we call them wheat bags. I'd love a tutorial then I can make some for our local quilt show raffle (draw)

Grethe said...

I really learn a lot by reading your blog! Corn bag/Wheat bag, Great :o) Love the fabric OZ from Moda,very quick colors,good for potholders.Did you buy charm pack?
Happy Quilting.

Suze said...

Yes, yes, yes to wanting a tutorial! I have fibromyalgia and between it and other illnesses including breast cancer I am officially disabled. A friend blessed me with a corn bag and it is one of the things that helps the deep aching pain of the fibromyalgia. It is wonderful. I would love a "recipe" so that maybe I could bless others. There needs to be a warning that you can get the bag too hot - I have very sensitive skin and in trying to keep the bag warm longer (trying to avoid getting up as often), I have gotten the bag too hot. My friend had someone make my corn bag from upholstery fabric so it is durable, fits into my living room decor, and yet is soft. If practical, I may have to start making matching or coordinating corn bags as gifts with my quilts.

I just found your site from Natalie and I'll be back. Thanks for sharing with us.