Sunday, May 30, 2010

All wet.. and happy!

Need I say more?

My husband and I decided that since we are about to move our family to the middle of America.. far away from the ocean.. the kids needed to see the Pacific for one last time. So, me, the brave and fearless mother that I am.. brought them for a 4 day weekend.. by myself.

Yesterday we went to Sea World.. it was only my youngest son's first time and boy did we have a blast. The best part of course was Shamu! We sat in the "Soak Zone" and did we get soaked!!!!

I didn't use my zoom on any of these photos.. it was so awesome to be this close.

One funny "ah ha" kid comment though that I need to share. My kids have both seen the ocean more than once in their lives.. but this was the first time we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway for any length of time. We had an hour long trip down to Sea World.. and you could pretty much see the Pacific the entire way. So after about 20 minutes - my youngest says to his older brother "Dude! Did you know the ocean was THIS big??!!"

It had never dawned on me that he didn't grasp the enormity of it all this time... and he still doesn't. lol

Today we are hitting the beach and also - one quilt store. I can't travel all the way here and not go to atleast one quilt store. It wasn't easy finding one that was open on a Sunday and easy for me to get to. I'll be sure to let you know what kind of stash I find at the quilt store!
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Lis Harwood said...

Great photos Heidi and what a cute comment from your son! I cannot imagine not being near the sea, in our lil' ol' country nowhere is mnore than 70 miles from the coast!

Maria said...

What great photos.Would have been fun sitting in the soak zone.

As I walk along the beach I often think how huge it is. So I understand YS's comment.

Hope you got some nice fabric to add to your stash.

Needled Mom said...

It was a perfect day for sitting in the soak zone too.

Barb said...

You may have said but where are you moving to? Great pictures..... I just love the ocean!

2ne said...

It looks like a weet and fun day :-) Love to follow the friday nigth sew-in....

Deanna said...

What fun you had! I have completed my Sew-in Top:

Looking forward to the next sew-in.

Be safe on your move. Different is good. You might be leaving the ocean, but you will find something good where you arrive, too. My husband is an ocean person, and we live in the Rocky Mountains. Yes, he misses the water. A lot. But, if we left, he would surely miss snow-covered mountains. He still thinks snow is a little bit magical.

Julia said...

Wonderful memories! We do tend to forget that kids knowledge of the world is just what they have experienced.
Where are you moving? I've been behind on my blog reading of late and have missed that info.

Monica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Gotta love Mikey and his random comments, LOL. he is so darn cute :)