Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Cake, a Cave and a Cutie!

As I mentioned yesterday - we had the family together this past weekend to celebrate my son's birthday. The kids always play so good together and they had a blast and the weekend went too fast.

I attemped to get creative with my son's cake - I made a Castle. I think I should have put a little more detail into it.. but he loved it.

My older son and his cousin spent quite a bit of time outside digging this cave at the end of Grandpa's driveway. It was pretty deep. And I learned that I did not pass my claustrophobia on to my boys - they had not problem crawling deep in there.. and everytime they did, I cringed.

I also snapped this little picture of the youngest grandchild.. she's 3 now and belongs to my brother and his wife. Adorable!
I have threatened to steal her away before.. and this time she even agreed.
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Maria said...

Your son's castle cake looks delicious.
Oh like you I would crindge watching the boys play in there.
Your niece is a real cutie.

Micki said...

The celebration looks wonderful and the cake is a work of art.

Impera Magna said...

What a sweet little girl... no wonder you want to steal her! I think I'd get the heebee jeebees if my kids were in a snow cave like that...fortunately we never have near enough snow for anything like that.

The castle cake is great... good job!

Cheryl said...

The castle cake is perfect and so creative. Some great family fun there....and that cave is so cool! I would have cringed too, but look at those smiles!

Helen in Switzerland said...

Oh what a little sweetheart! I'd be tempted to keep her too if I was you - she's soooo sweet!
The cake is great too - well done Heidi!

Val said...

I love that cake. You did a great job. And that cave is unreal. I would have cringed watching them too. And that little angel is beautiful.

Terri said...

It's Friday Night Sew In tonight, and I couldn't leave a comment on Las Vegas Mom, so I thought I'd leave it here, since she mentioned that you love the FNSI. This is the first time I'm doing this, so I may be confused...