Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sign-up for the October Friday Night Sew-In!!

The signup for the October 21st Friday Night Sew-in has been posted!!

My co-host and cousin, Crafty Vegas Mom, has the linky over on her blog this month. She is planning a super fun giveaway with another very well known sponsor who was generous and sent some amazing gifts to pass along to one.. or two of you!

So get on over there and get yourself signed up!! We only have 8 days to go!! Pin It


Rachel said...

Arrrggghhh! I Wish I could join you but I will be at a conference that Thursday and Friday. I guess I'll have to have my own FNSI - maybe when I get home Saturday night.

Cindy said...

I am so bummed!!! I don't know how I missed that we had a sew in last night. Ugh. I'll be excited to see what everyone posted! I will make sure not to miss next month. I LOVE those fabrics! I may have to add some of those to my stash. :o)