Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In winners COMING SOON!!

Just wanted to let you all know we haven't forgot about the FNSI Winners.

At the moment i am knee deep in play dates and Bobbi is at her Great Nephews 4th birthday party in Kingman AZ. Yes, she's old enough for a great nephew. Hehehe. I can tease her cuz I'm 2 yrs older than her.

But trust me, we have some awesome prizes planned. Bobbi (aka Crafty Vegas Mom) and I will each select a winner using

In the mean time - while my 2nd grader and his buddy run wild thru my house, I'm going to surf some blogs and see what you all did on Friday!!

We will have winners posted this evening. Pin It


Anonymous said...

happy blog surfing Heidi.xx