Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giveaway Winner.. and a funny picture

And the winner of the Giveaway is Maria Wilson!! Congratulations Maria.

Send me your address at hfoltz (at) cox (dot) net and I will mail you some fun stuff.

Now for a funny picture. Some of you may know that my youngest is a spunky 5 yr old - he keeps me very very busy. A lot of times when I sew - he's in my sewing room with his paper and crayons drawing pictures. Keeping Mom company. Well, on Friday night during the sew-in.. he drew this picture.. of me!

HILARIOUS!!! I only wish my.. um.. 'eyelashes'.. yeah.. eyelashes were that perky in real life!

Have a great week!
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SueWis said...

Ha! I still remember a picture that my son made in preschool that had some very obvious "eyelashes." Too cute. :)

Needled Mom said...

Too funny.... You need to keep that picture!

Dorrie said...

Oh, my gosh that's the cutest thing ever! Kids are the best~gotta love those uh, eyelashes!

Val said...

I love the picture. So cute! I have to tell you that you have inspired me! I sewed a little yesterday and a lot today. I am gonna try to start sewing more. I had to relearn my machine. Thanks for the inspiration. I am ready to do it again.

Monica said...

Hilarious!!! And I can post comments now :-) Using a different browser, that did the trick!

Maria said...

I have been having trouble with my computer and had it to the doctors.I have lost all my info but I got a wonderful surprise to find I had won your "Sew In " giveaway. Thank you so much Heidi.My e-mail address is

I just love your portrait. I think kids do some gorgeous drawings.