Monday, November 16, 2009

I'M LATE....!!!!!

Sorry... this is not an announcement of the baby kind. At this stage in my life, the words "I'M LATE" have an entirely different meaning! Thank Goodness!!!! LOL

I finally finished my October Quilting Bee block for Anna. I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long! But it was my first such block and I hope she likes it! I wanted to get more creative with maybe adding a tree.. but I was afraid to mess it up. I will be mailing it tomorrow.
And now I just have to share something sweet. Nearly 12 years ago last summer, before kids.. we brought home a cute little white fluff ball... we named her Biscuit.
Then, for our very first Christmas with her, I thought it would be fun to get Santa hats for my husband and I and take a fun Christmas picture.

Well, when I pulled the first Santa hat out of the shopping bag.. our little Biscuit went CRAZY!!! We let her have the hat.. and after swinging it around a few times.. she settled down and started to suck on the white fur. Eventually falling asleep. So adorable.
Anyway... to make a long story short.. She gets a new Santa hat each year since.. I picked one up for her this past weekend.. and this is how she's spends her evenings.. suckling on her "mama" as we call it.

It just shows that you are never too old for comfort!!
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SueWis said...

Ohhh, is Biscuit an American Eskimo? We had two of them a few years back. They are sweet and a great lap-dog. Occasionally I will look at ads for doggies but then I stop myself. Hmmm, maybe someday. :)

Heidi said...

Sue- she is an American Eskimo. She's the best dog we have ever had.