Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catching up!

I sat down this morning to catch up on all my Quilting Bee blocks. I had 4.. yes 4 to do.

The first was for Adrienne - She had requested that we make a "mini quilt" block. It is 20 x 20 inches. This is what I came up with.

I'm not 100% in love with it. I was limited on my colored fabrics and wish I had used them differently. But that's what happens when you are designing as you go.

The second is for Angie - she requested circles and was very open to any kind. She is making this as a charity quilt for ALS Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge. She asked that we each make a smaller signature block for the back as well.

Can't wait to see this one complete - her fabrics were so pretty.

And the third is for Sorrel - The story about her quilt is very touching! It is to finish a quilt that her Grandmother started for Sorrel's cousin, Adam. But her Grandmother was never able to finish before she passed. Adam has downs syndrom and he is a HUGE LA Lakers Basketball fan. He just recently moved out on his own and Sorrel is going to give this to him as a house warming gift. How sweet!!

And the fourth.. well.. it was supposed to be for Dorrie. BUT.. ready for this.. I can't find the envelope of fabric. I know I opened it.. I looked at it.. and then I must have packed it. I'm sick about it.. it's not like me to lose something like that. I'm guessing it's in a box.. stacked in either my dining room or my sewing room. Hopefully she will forgive me. :-)

So now I'm all caught up and the sewing machine is going into it's safe styrofoam box this afternoon. And it will rest there until I am moved into our new house in Minnesota. I'm going to miss it because sewing is how I relax and unwind.. I always say if I didn't sew.. I'd drink.

So looks like I'd better get me a 12 pack of something later today.. that should get me through this week.. you think? Pin It


Needled Mom said...

Great finishes, Heidi. I was quite touched by the Laker block story.

Maria said...

Heidi I love the colours in the first block.
The circles in your second one.
The third block is very special, I am sure Adam will love his quilt when it is all put together.
The envelope for your fouth one will show up in a strange place don't worry.

Angie said...

Love my circles! And, I like what you did for the miniquilt for Adrienne, too.

Helen in Switzerland said...

What a lovely post - three blocks all for others - sharing what you do so well! Hope it isn't too long till you get your sewing machine back - I know exactly how you feel!!!

Val said...

Oh I love all of these blocks. You are amazing doing all of this and moving too! Good luck with all you are doing!

Bateau said...

I think the mini quilt is really pretty, Heidi. It's traditional and calming with all the white space, but somehow quite fresh and modern too.

crafty pug said...

fantastic! i also love the lakers story - just beautiful and will cover him in love. also love your mini block - amazing how great it looks SOOOOO small! fingers crossed too that you come across the other fabric

Angie said...

I got the package with your blocks this weekend. Thanks!