Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing beats Winning!!

Awhile back a was a lucky winner for a giveaway over at Jennifer's Vintage Sheets blog. I'm in love with the idea of using vintage sheets for quilting (even though I haven't made one yet).

Jennifer had a giveaway last month for a custom made camera strap - and I won!! I sent her the measurements for my camera strap and she made this just for me!

Isn't it purdy?!! (sorry about the picture quality.. couldn't use the camera to take a picture of the camera. So I had to use the cell phone)

She also felt bad that it took her longer than she wanted to get it to me.. so she included a little bonus gift.

Some Vintage Sheet fat quarters and charm squares! I'm so in love with them. I love the feel of soft vintage cotton sheets that have been washed many many times. I'm inspired to hit the thrift stores now.

But I must wait until I move (if I can fight the urge) because I have enough stuff to pack already! Pin It


Denise said...

Something fun to look forward to when you get settled in you new location.

Marybeth said...

How special! I'll have to check out her blog... Good luck with the move :)))

Needled Mom said...

How neat!!! What a great idea!

Mistea said...

Cool gifties - gorgeous camera strap.

Just the excuse you need to familiarise yourself with your new neighbourhood when your all moved in.

Enjoy the discovery which comes with packing.

Patty said...

Nice gifts, good luck with your move.

crafty pug said...

when will you be packing the sewing machine? :)
is that the last thing on the list?