Thursday, August 19, 2010

Precut Fabric Reference Guide

Do you love the precut fabrics as much as I do?.. do you get lazy and wish someone else would do all the cutting and calculating? ...are you knodding your head? Then keep reading.. this is for you!!

I have quite a few ideas and patterns that use the typical 5 or 10 inch square. And let's not forget the 2 1/2 inch strip. And sometimes I find fabric that is perfect for a project BUT it's not by Moda.. or I can't find the precut that I want. Have you been there?

Then here is a simple guide that might help you if you decide to cut your own.

5 inch squares (commonly known as Charm Squares)
* Fold your fabric in 1/2 with selvage ends together.
* Cut strips 5 inches by Width of Fabric (wof)
* Cut your 5 inch by wof strips into 5 inch squares
8 squares per 5" wof strip
24 squares per 1/2 yeard
40 squares per 3/4 yard
56 squares per 1 yard

10 inch squares (Commonly known as Layer Cake squares)
* Cut strips 10 inches by wof
* Cut your 10 inch by wof strips into 10 inch squares
4 squares per 10" wof strip
8 squares per 5/8 yard
12 squares per 1 yard
28 squares per 2 yards (with only 2" of waste)

2 1/2 inch strips (Commonly known as Jelly Roll strips)
* Cut strips 2 1/2 inches by wof
1 strip per wof
7 strips per 1/2 yard
10 strips per 3/4 yard
14 strips per 1 yard

Hopefully this will help in your project planning and fabric calculations. Sorry it doesn't help with the cutting part.. you'll have to do that yourself.

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Linda Lee said...

Thank you!!!!!! Is there a simple way to cut fat quarters?

Jamie said...

You are fabulous! Thanks for taking the thinking out of the process.

Poppyprint said...

Thanks Heidi - hey what's up, do you have a contract with Moda or something? How come you can't use other fabrics?

Mrs Quilty said...

Wow, lots of helpful info!!! Precut fabric is the best! We're getting Kimberly Einmo here in our Quilt Store this coming weekend and I am taking 2 classes from her, one with a jelly roll and the other a mystery quilt! Can't wait!

Asiyah said...

I always say...there's math and then there's quilt math. Thanks so much for this chart!

Maria said...

Thanks Heidi will pop this tut into my doc's as I still have your postage stamp one cut out. LOL

Micki said...

Thanks Heidi...very helpful. I just bought loads of 1930's layer cakes, so I do love the precuts

canuckquilter said...

Thanks for the handy info!

Kimberlee said...

This is 'sew' helpful!!! I have been looking everywhere for this laid out.

Susan said...

You have certainly reduced the "maths" load. Unfortunately here in Australia we have to buy fabric by the metre - even though most of the patterns are in inches..we have become quite adept at remembering that 12" is about 30cm - but its a bit of a pain....

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