Saturday, November 20, 2010

FNSI Results - my first "soon to come" pattern!

I had a very productive day and night last night for the Friday Night Sew-in.

I started my day by going to two quilt stores with a new friend. Her name is Kathy and she's so sweet. She's fairly new to the quilting scene - but she's well on her way to a full blown addiction.

Then I sat down early in the evening and started to sew.. sew.. sew..

This is a Christmas wall hanging that I have been working on lately..

And all I have left to do is the hand quilting which I will be working on tonight with a nice fire going.. probably watching Spongebob on the TV. What can I say.. I have youngens.. Spongebob usually consumes our TV.

I'm hoping to make this into my very first pattern! What do you think?

I just need time.. so it will probably be available in the late spring.. just in time for next Christmas.
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Oddbjørg said...

Your little quilt looks great!

apple blossom said...

Love your quilt pattern. Cool. Lots of work went into it.

Our FNS-i was progressive. The results are posted on my site. Thanks to you and Bobbie for hosting this fun night.

Link to my results

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

Oh it is so cute!! I love it.

paulette said...

Gorgeous!! VERY creative!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas hanging looks great! Super cute.

It's the best going stash shopping with a friend isn't it :0)

Joanne said...

The quilt is beautiful!
I am amazed that Sponge Bob seems to be on any time of the day!

Bobbi said...

i LOVE LOVE that pattern!! when you get them officially made, can i be your first purchaser? :)

Mistea said...

Beautiful quilt - you are so clever.

I like the simplicity and the traditional colours you have used.

Thanks for hosting.

Lana said...

I really like it too! Good idea!!!
Sign me up for a pre-order!

sunny said...

Very cute! I don't think you'll have any problems selling it!

Shay said...

Oh I love it . Whimsical and cute and very Christmas-sy.

I sing Sponge Bob in my sleep and have for years...

Val said...

Oh I love this! And congrats on the future pattern!!! I so enjoyed the FNSI and can't wait until the next one.

Helen in Switzerland said...

It looks great Heidi. Go for it!

deborah said...

Great quilt and pattern! Very creative!
Thank you for hosting FNSI, I accomplished so much! I should get my results posted sometime today..

Needled Mom said...

Very cute!!!

Wendy said...

Oh it's lovely, what a pretty design. I've yet to post my FNSI results, though I did join in - I just struggle to get on the computer before Monday!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I love it!
I want it!
Oops! That's coveting!
I repent!

But, I really do think it's beautiful!