Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bag Ladies

So my friend Heather is having an awesome B'day party this year.. In Las Vegas. I should be going - but my niece is flying in that weekend and I can't go.

There are 3 girls going and they all wanted a bag for the trip. They all picked the same style and let me know what kinds of fabrics/colors they liked. I made the handles a little longer so they could wear them across their chests when they are shaking it on the dance floor. I will try and get a picture from them in Vegas and post it later.

Anyway, here are the bags..

Closeup of linings..

Isn't it amazing how the different fabrics can totally change the look of the bag? Which one do you like the best?

I hope they like these!!!

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Bobbi said...

my fav is the black n white one with the red inside. adorable! all of them! you must be one heck of a fun friend to have. "heidi, im going to vegas...make me a fun ass bag!"

Mrs. Joanz said...

So lovely! Do you have a pattern or tuorial? This would be perfect for my daugher's teacher!